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UK Brothers VS US Brothers in The Biggest Internet Event in History

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Everyone is eagerly anticipating the biggest internet event in history. This event may possibly be bigger than Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor! It will be held in the Manchester Arena on August 25th, 19:00. This has attracted the attention of professional boxers and celebrities, e.g. Anthony Joshua, the Mayweathers and Chris Eubank Jr and Post Malone (Austin Richard Post). The fights that have everyone hyped will be between KSI vs Logan Paul, and their younger brothers, Deji vs Jake Paul.

How did it all start?

Olajide William "JJ" Olatunji, alternatively known as KSI, challenged, "Jake Paul, Logan Paul, any other Pauls", after successfully defeating Joe Weller in the third round. Following the call out, the Paul brothers responded, which escalated drama between them. This proved to attract a wide range of viewers, including the attention of the most popular YouTuber on the platform PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg). After some heated internet drama between the Paul brothers and KSI, Deji challenged Jake Paul which led to the confirmation of both fights.

Los Angeles Press Conference
Los Angeles Press Conference

What do we know?

During the first press conference, on 16th June, it was clear that the crowd favoured the Paul brothers. Jake and Logan entertained the crowd with mockery. The Olatunji brothers referred to the Paul brothers as 'Conor McGregor wannabes' with their showmen mannerisms. Unfortunately, the press conference ended sooner than anticipated when Logan Paul attempted to remove KSI's bandanna, which resulted in KSI charging towards him in a violent manner.

London Press Conference

The second press conference was held in York Hall, London, on 18th July, where the crowd showed support for the Olatunji brothers and a huge amount of hatred towards the Paul brothers. Deji and Jake Paul were the first to confront each other. It was evident that Jake Paul was agitated by the crowd's overwhelming hatred, as he verbally attacked them, chanting, "Y'all are dumb!" This was followed by their older brothers, causing the event to come to an abrupt end when Logan Paul refused to answer questions and walked off the stage.

Previous Experiences

Logan and Jake Paul have previous fighting experiences from their MMA wrestling throughout their adolescence years and this will be their first time partaking in this type of sport. On the other hand, Deji is famously known for his video gaming background. Due to this, his friends and peers underestimate his ability to win against Jake Paul. Meanwhile, KSI's boxing experience is limited to his former opponent, Joe Weller.

What are your thoughts?

There are numerous debates on whether KSI can defend his title as the 'YouTube Boxing Champion'. Will Logan Paul become the new champion? Will Deji, the underdog, defeat Jake Paul despite public opinions against him? Have you purchased your tickets, or will you be watching the live stream? This is surely something you don't want to miss!