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Video: The other 'Fight of the Century' - Muhammad Ali 'knocked out' by 3-year-old kid

Pomil Proch
4.02K   //    24 Mar 2015, 04:08 IST
Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali - the quickest, the meanest and the best. Picture him and you think of the ruthless aggression that made him the most prized jewel in the crown of boxing.

The man who once said, “If you even dream of beating me, you’d better wake up and apologise.”

As they say however, the mark of a true champion is his sportsman spirt, and Ali sure had plenty of that too.

As he faces off against a three-year-old kid, Ali keeps his gigantic persona out of the frame and lets the kid have the better of him. Ali scripts the perfect fall as the kid keeps delivering the lusty blows on places great boxers have dreamed of reaching.

And in the dying moments of the fight, the great boxer gets rewarded with a kiss. Almost poetic.

Video of the other ‘Fight of the Century’:

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