"SEC bias full display," "That's an automatic ejection": College baseball fans divided over Jack Crighton's dismissal against Florida

Images courtesy of Clemson Athletics
Images courtesy of Clemson Athletics

An incident in the Florida Gators vs. Clemson Tigers game involving Jack Crighton. With two outs in the top of the second inning, there was a dribbler that pitcher Jac Caglianone fielded and tagged out the runner.

On the play, there was a shove on both sides. However, first baseman Crighton was ejected due to making contact with the official and leaving his position.

This had social media up in a bit of a frenzy.

People took to social media to criticize the ejection of Jack Crighton.

"Some officials can't handle power. They told the coach the player left his position on the field! Every player in that scuffle left their position on the field except runner and pitcher who shoved each other! Awful ejection. Everyone should have been ejected with that criteria," another person posted.
"That ejection was awful. I'm not even rooting for Clemson, I'm rooting for Florida. I feel terrible for y'all losing Jack Crighton to something as small as that is awful," one user commented.

However, not everyone seemed to be upset about the situation.

"Touched the umpire. Lame reporting once again," one person replied.
"Crighton needs to keep his hands off the ump. No touch, no ejection," another user replied.

The game was delayed for 15 minutes as umpires tried to figure out the situation and explained the situation to both sides.

Will Jack Crighton be punished for any future games as a result of his ejection?

Jack Crighton was the only player in the scuffle to get ejected on either side while both teams received unsportsmanlike conduct warnings. While speaking on the ESPN broadcast, Clemson coach Erik Bakick explained what he was told.

"The explanation I got was he was on base and left his position - even though it was the third out of the inning and he was coming back to the dugout... so I don't know what to tell you there."

Chapel Fowler is in the press box for the game and posted that the media was told that Jack Crighton will miss the team's next game. This could be on Monday if the team wins today or next season's opening game.

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