5 reasons why Bronny James Joining a Team Built for LeBron is a bad idea

USC Trojans guard Bronny James is setting his sights on the NBA as he is planning to hold pre-draft workouts with the Phoenix Suns and the LA Lakers.
USC Trojans guard Bronny James is setting his sights on the NBA as he is planning to hold pre-draft workouts with the Phoenix Suns and the LA Lakers.

After a promising NBA draft combine where he proved that he can move up to the next level, Bronny James is in limbo, counting down the days before he and his fellow aspirants take part in the draft on June 26-27 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Various mock drafts project the son of four-time NBA champion LeBron James to be picked in the second round due to his health issues and his disappointing, one-and-done stint with the USC Trojans in the 2023-24 NCAA men's basketball season.

LeBron James, who will turn 40 in December, has said he wants to play with his son before he hangs up his sneakers. There's also a possibility that the league's all-time leading scorer will decline his $51.4-million player option for 2024-25 with the LA Lakers to become an unrestricted free agent.

Teams are looking at these factors as a lure for the four-time MVP with a chance to get into the playoffs and win the championship next season.

One of the ideas floating around is to pick Bronny in the NBA draft. This could entice LeBron to decline his player option, become an unrestricted free agent and sign with the team that drafts his son.

Although it's an interesting ploy to pick Bronny and build a team centered around his superstar father, there could be drawbacks and issues that affect the ballclub in the 2024-25 season and beyond. Here are five reasons Bronny James joining a team built around LeBron is a bad idea.

5 reasons why Bronny James joining teams built around LeBron is a bad idea

Bronny James hustles for the loose ball in a Pac-12 Tournament game.
Bronny James hustles for the loose ball in a Pac-12 Tournament game.

#1, The team will be placed under a microscope from the NBA draft to the end of the 2024-25 season

Getting the league's all-time leading scorer and his son would be great for a team's finances as it would bring more gate receipts, sponsorship deals and constant TV exposure. Seems like a good idea, right? Yeah, but there are some negative effects.

Since Day 1 when LeBron James rose from the high school basketball scene and went No. 1 in the 2023 NBA draft, the public's eye has been on him. He was placed under a microscope where even his personal life and other minute details of his career were for the people's consumption.

Come June 26, when Bronny gets into the mix, the James family will be in for another saga of scrutiny, intrigue and controversy. None of the sons of former NBA greats have been as high profile as the USC standout. The world surrounding basketball's first family would be magnified further as if we were watching a reality show on and off the basketball court.

#2, Bronny will be compared to his father 24/7

When your father is a well-known figure around the world, chances are you'll get compared to him all the time. Well, this reality is eating Bronny alive as he gets tagged along with LeBron in various sports commentaries and shows since he grabbed the ball and started dribbling.

The comparisons were harsh and bad to the bone. Even Bronny's health condition was compared to his father's horse-like strength and durability. The tale of the tape of his father's performances against his has been a constant topic of media commentaries, and once Bronny gets to join a team built around LeBron, he will be in for a lot of trouble.

#3, Bronny's teammates would be treated as pieces for LeBron's pursuit of greatness

Although he is already a four-time NBA champion, MVP and the all-time leading scorer, LeBron still has the body and playing ability to compete and outshine younger players. It has been proven that LeBron gets into the act most of the time, meaning he can hold onto the ball as long as he wants, and his teammates should wait for emergency passes and make sure they'll make it.

Unless you're a Dwyane Wade- or Kyrie Irving-caliber player, chances are you'll have to stay on your spot and be ready for LeBron's kickout passes and make buckets to get another opportunity just like Daniel Gibson in the 2007 Eastern Conference finals.

#4, Bronny won't get a chance to shine, unless LeBron gives way

Being an NBA player means you need to shine brighter or else you won't last a year with the team who signed you. However, Bronny James would be a different case moving forward.

He gets a chance to play with his great father, but he isn't sure if LeBron would step back and allow him to discover his strengths and shine on the biggest stage.

One thing's for sure. If Bronny plays with a team built around his father, his role would be patterned to what LeBron does. He'll get minimal time with the ball and will get roasted if he does something wrong due to LeBron's competitiveness.

#5, It'll be 'make the playoffs' or else

When you're playing with one of the greatest basketball players who set foot on the court, you should try your best to contribute to the team's playoff quest. LeBron has been a constant figure in the playoffs, and if his team fails to make the postseason, it'll be a disappointment.

Bronny will be pressured to contribute to the team's playoff quest due to LeBron's presence. Instead of getting into a learning curve that NBA players normally take, he'll get fed to the lions whether he's ready or not.

He'll be forced to take the shortest route possible — consistent playoff appearances — due to his father's ability. However, Bronny will be a role player at the very least if he plays along with LeBron.

Will Bronny James be a better player if he plays alongside his father? Let us know in the comments section.

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