5 reasons why Dan Hurley wouldn't leave UConn for Lakers' top job

Images courtesy of UConn Athletics and NBA.com
Images courtesy of UConn Athletics and NBA.com

There are rumors circulating that UConn Huskies men's basketball coach Dan Hurley is being targetted by the LA Lakers as their next head coach. While there are some benefits, it's difficult to imagine Hurley leaving the Huskies this offseason and switching coasts to coach in Hollywood.

Let's discuss some of the reasons why Dan Hurley will stay with the UConn Huskies instead of leaving for the LA Lakers in the NBA.

Reasons why Dan Hurley will stay at UConn

#1 Loyalty to UConn

Dan Hurley has been with the UConn Huskies since 2018 and has shown that he's building a powerhouse in the college basketball world. He's one of the top coaches in college basketball and has built a program where college recruits want to play in Connecticut. So, it's difficult to expect him to just up and leave.

#2 UConn just gave him a contract extension

The UConn Huskies have shown their love and loyalty to Dan Hurley, so it's not like he is underappreciated by the school.

He signed a six-year, $32.1 million contract last summer and is having a new contract negotiated after a second NCAA Championship. Hurley is one of the highest-paid coaches already, so they are in a good spot.

Speaker of the House Matt Ritter confirmed that Dan Hurley is subject to the 2.5 percent raise for state employees as well.

"Yes. He'll be paid as one of the top three or four coaches in the country. He probably could command the No. 1 salary, if he wanted to. But that's the going rate for a coach like him, so he will get paid. But I believe a lot will be raised privately." h/t CT Insider

#3 The Lakers are hectic

The LA Lakers have name value, but look at their coaching history. Since Phil Jackson left in 2011, there have been seven different coaches for the team with none coaching more than 250 games.

Mike Brown (71), Bernie Bickerstaff (5), Mike D'Antoni (154), Byron Scott (164), Luke Walton (246), Frank Vogel (225) and Darvn Ham (164) all saw their tenures cut short for one reason or the other.

The Lakers don't give coaching stability and with the rumors of Bronny James, a player Dan Hurley could have recruited but didn't, being a factor and dealing with Klutch Sports, this feels like career suicide.

#4 Tarnishing his legacy

Dan Hurley has been one of the top coaches and has proven to be one of the best recruiters in the nation. However, if he leaves UConn for the LA Lakers, things could really turn sour on him.

Rick Pitino and Nick Saban are two legendary collegiate coaches who attempted to make a run at the professional coaching ranks, but that's just a different skillset altogether. That's not saying that Hurley would suffer the same fate, but UConn fans won't be too happy if he leaves at the height of their power.

#5 3-peats aren't easy

The UConn Huskies program won back-to-back national championships. With the powerhouse that Dan Hurley has built, it doesn't make sense that he would want to be the second coach to pull off that feat (John Wooden, UCLA Bruins).

With the ability to recruit and a chance to be one of the best basketball coaches ever, Hurley leaving for the Lakers is difficult to imagine.

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