"Every single thing that comes out of the NCAA's mouth about student-athlete welfare is bulls**t": Geno Auriemma calls out state of college basketball

Images courtesy of NCAA.com and UConn Athletics
Images courtesy of NCAA.com and UConn Athletics

ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski's report of UConn Huskies men's basketball coach Dan Hurley being pursued to coach the LA Lakers came as a bombshell Thursday morning. However, the state of college basketball is getting overlooked, and another member of UConn Huskies basketball has been shining a light on it.

On "The Dan Patrick Show," UConn women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma talked about how college basketball is messy.

"It's a charade, this idea of student-athlete welfare," Auriemma said. "Every single thing that comes out of the NCAA's mouth about student-athlete welfare is bulls**t. That has no factor ever anymore. I never want to hear anybody utter those words anymore associated with college basketball. They are professional athletes, just not called that."

Auriemma, who has won 11 NCAA titles, said the issues in college sports could be why Dan Hurley, who has led UConn to the last two national championships, may leave college basketball. He was complimentary of how Hurley has led things and if anyone can overcome obstacles, it would be Dan Hurley.

Hurley signed a six-year, $32.1 million extension with the school in June 2023. However, it's not too difficult to understand the frustrations Geno Auriemma discussed.

Will Dan Hurley stay with UConn or go coach the Lakers?

The Dan Hurley situation is interesting. Earlier this year on "The Dan Patrick Show," he mentioned that "down the road" he would want to go to the NBA as he compared college basketball to the G League.

If Hurley makes the jump to the pros, he'd be the second college coach to win a national championship this year and then leave for a professional team (Jim Harbaugh with Michigan).

Hurley reportedly discussed his situation with the Huskies team on Thursday, and it appears that his move to the Lakers is being set into motion.

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