"One of the blue bloods for sure" - Fans debate where Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic would have played in college

Fans debate where Luka Doncic could`ve played college ball in the US
Fans debate where Luka Doncic could`ve played college ball in the US

Recently, fans online have been debating amongst themselves on where Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic could`ve played college ball in the NCAA if he ever got the chance. One could say that the choices they have paint numerous interesting "what if" scenarios.

People reacted to a post by College Basketball Report (via ClutchPoints) on X, which literally asks where Luka Doncic might`ve gone to college. The post`s image featured Doncic and the logo of the Gonzaga Bulldogs:

In the replies to the post, fans chimed in on where they think Luka could`ve played NCAA D1 hoops. Some fans mentioned a few big schools like Auburn or Kentucky:

A few fans also mentioned how Luka Doncic actually had committed to play NCAA D1 for the University of Missouri, but then stayed behind overseas so he could play pro. Some other folks also chimed in with a few more choices for schools:

"He really wanted to play for Quin Snyder and with Nikola Jokic at Mizzou but decided to stay overseas," says one fan.
"Luka would have 100% been a Creighton guy. I can just tell," chimes in another.
"That’s the face of a Duke Blue Devil," comments one more.

Either way, it really didn`t matter much to Luka Doncic that he didn`t get to play Division 1 college basketball in the US. His time in Real Madrid was more than enough to prepare him for the NBA, especially after he led the team to a Euroleague championship in 2018 and won league MVP and Final Four MVP honors as an 18-year-old.

By the time he was finally in the NBA, Luka was as ready as can be, even going as far as commenting that it`s easier to score there than in the Euroleague.

Luka`s decision to play pro early

As previously mentioned, Luka Doncic committed to Missouri out of high school, citing a desire to play under Quinn Snyder. But he clearly declined the option, choosing to stay in Europe before trying his luck in the NBA.

There seems to be no immediately accessible info on Luka`s decision to not play NCAA D1 hoops. But if one could infer, it might be because a professional contract with the Euroleague is still better than playing in a pre-NIL NCAA. The then-13-year-old Doncic signed his first pro contract with Real Madrid, making his debut with the senior team three years later.

The rest, they say, is history.

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