3 reasons why Quinn Ewers should skip senior year and enroll early into college football at OSU

Quinn Ewers Texas
Quinn Ewers

Quarterback Quinn Ewers, the #1 college football prospect for the 2022 class, has been mulling over skipping his senior year in high school and enrolling early into college football with Ohio State.

With the recent approval of NIL money for college football players and all student-athletes, Ewers could earn up to $1 million as a college football freshman in endorsements and deals.

Should he go the route of playing college football a year early?

Three reasons why Quinn Ewers should play college football in 2021

#1 - Quinn Ewers was already planning to enroll early

The approval for college football players to legally receive money from endorsements and partnerships came just a month ago. Ewers would have had to take extra classes before then to be eligible for the 2021 college football season.

Early admission to college means getting to the NFL a year earlier as well. Per the rules, a player must be three years removed from high school to be eligible for the NFL.

The NFL has been the primary goal for Ewers since the start.

#2 - NIL was made for the athletes to get their worth from endorsements and likeness

Many student-athletes need scholarships even to attend college. Most of them can't afford the loans and their families can't help either. NIL allows them to get a piece of the profits that colleges don't hand out, even though the money was made from their talents.

There is also the bonus of endorsements for the top players. Texas state regulations forbid high school players from earning money off their name, image and likeness. Ewers would have to make the jump into college football to cash in.

#3 - 2021 could be Quinn Ewers' best shot at OSU to start and succeed

Justin Fields just got drafted into the NFL, leaving a hole at QB for Ohio State. The team has two redshirt freshmen and one true freshman on the depth chart: CJ Stroud, Jack Miller lll, and Kyle McCord.

As the #1 prospect in the nation, Ewers can take over as a college football starter in 2021. If he can have three good years at OSU, he could find himself a top draft pick in the 2024 NFL draft.

Edited by Jay Lokegaonkar
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