CFB insider claims Stanford, Cal and SMU are waiting for one vote to flip to join the ACC expansion

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Stan, Cal, and SMU are waiting for one vote to flip

Despite the failure to be admitted into the Atlantic Coast Conference, Stanford and Cal have not stopped the push. With the door not totally closed for a potential realignment, the two Pac-12 universities are currently lobbying to ensure a move to the ACC.

Four ACC universities voted against adding Stanford and Cal last week. According to reports, these were Florida State, Clemson, North Carolina, and North Carolina State. Notably, these four schools are among those seeking to exit the ACC.

Stanford and Cal obviously need one of these teams to flip their decision to be admitted into the ACC. According to college football insider Jim Williams, the two universities are lobbying to have one team change its decision, but there has been no progress so far. SMU is also reportedly seeking to join the ACC.

Nonetheless, this week is expected to be crucial in determining the fate of the two Pac-12 teams. The feeling is if it is not done before the start of the college football season, it might not be a possibility down the line.

What are the possibilities for a flip?

The potential of seeing one of the four universities have a change of decision cannot be ruled out considering how unpredictable the landscape is. Stanford and Cal are reportedly lobbying with high-profile personalities, which could lead to something in the very end.

The possibility of having Florida State and Clemson flip their decision is practically non-existent. The two universities are considered the biggest in the conference and are actively working towards an exit. They undoubtedly lead the push against the expansion of the league.

The universities are therefore banking their hopes on either North Carolina or North Carolina State. If there's ever going to be a flip, it's almost certain to be from one of these two schools. North Carolina State is considered the more likely of the two to consider a decision flip.

Will Stanford and Cal be open to Pac-12 expansion?

There is no certainty that Stanford and Cal will be admitted into the ACC, and the two schools are aware of this. This obviously makes the expansion of the Pac-12 a backup plan for them in a bid to retain their Power Five status in the college sports landscape.

Oliver Luck has been hired to explore the options available in keeping the Pac-12 alive in the realm of college sports. With Oregon State and Washington State undoubtedly open to the idea of an expansion, we could eventually see a new-look Pac-12 rebuilt with teams from the Group of Five conferences.

Edited by Nicolaas Ackermann