Why are college football fans targeting U.S. President Joe Biden with explicit chant?

The White House - President Joe Biden
The White House - President Joe Biden

Democrats and Republicans will always seem to always be at one another's throats. The strong political landscape of the U.S. can be met with many people taking their beliefs to extreme measures.

Most southern states are red, aligning themselves with the Republican party, and as such, likely not to be happy about the fact that Joe Biden is their current President. Profane chants have begun to become a trend in college football, with fans collectively expressing their displeasure with Biden and the way that he runs things.

Will politics remain in sports?

Sports are meant to be a place where rival team fans go at one another with chippy trash talking. The state of that has changed in more recent years, being that politics are a massive part of the current topics of most people.

Southern states are inherently red, siding with everything that involves the Republican party. Most of the country has been reportedly critical in the way that Biden has handled the current world situation. Especially with the fact that the Taliban had taken over Afghanistan in recent days.

Much of the same happened during college games when former President Trump would attend. The same is now happening with Biden in the hot seat for the U.S.

"F**k Joe Biden" chants break out during college football games

College students will certainly let their opinions be heard, and being upset with the current administration is nothing new.

The U.S. has been mired in diversion due to left-leaning and right-leaning political opinions that can't be solved with civil discourse.

The Black National Anthem is now being played before each NFL game, and many are upset with this fact. The NFL was attempting to bring the nation together with the Black Lives Matter movement that exploded last year with the killing of George Floyd.

No matter what happens, politics will find its way into normal conversation, even when sports are meant to dominate those conversations.

With Joe Biden's approval rate dropping down around 43%, and most people are beginning to let their voices be heard on the subject, there will certainly be more disapproval happening during games. Covid limitations and the fact that the U.S. has not seen the end of the pandemic fully could also be why students are enraged by their leader.

Hopefully, there can be a turning point for the country, and everyone can find a way to show kindness and empathy to each other.

Edited by Shivam Damohe
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