CFB insider reveals latest roadblock for Stanford and Cal to join ACC, which may even narrow down to possible rejection

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Stanford and Cal to join the ACC soon

One major college football rumor is Stanford and Cal joining the ACC. There are a lot of rumors and speculation swirling, but the health of the Pac-12 does not seem great, as the remaining four teams are uncertain about their future.

It seems almost impossible for the Pac-12 to remain a conference if they lose another two programs. College football insider Jim Williams posted about SMU as well as Stanford and Cal potentially joining ACC and that the outcome will be known this week. They're re one vote shy of being accepted.

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It remains to be seen what happens next, as this is nothing earth-shattering. This is going to be a slow process, as the two programs will need to figure out if they can entice Florida State, Clemson, NC State and UNC first, as that's higher on the priority list.

Stanford and Cal joining the ACC is something that could happen but does not seem too likely at this moment.

Does Stanford and Cal joining ACC effectively kills the Pac-12?

Stanford and Cal joining the ACC would mean they have little fate in the Pac-12 surviving. They're two of the four remaining Pac-12 teams thta are essentially looking to leave the conference, looking for other Power Five conferences to call home.

The Pac-12 has four teams remaining - Stanford, Cal, Oregon State and Washington - that are trying to figure out the next step for the conference. Pac-12 Commissioner George Kliavkoff overplayed his hand by asking for $50 million per team at one point.

If Stanford and Cal join the ACC, the Pac-12 would struggle to maintain their ability to stay alive. The Pac-12 does not have a media rights deal set and are 10 months away from their current deal expiring.

Even if they merge with the Mountain West, they would still need to figure out how to get going and become a competitive conference. Just because there would be the Pac-12 name, or some sort of merger name to replace it, they would still need to be a Group of Five conference on the field.

So, what's next for the Pac-12? Stanford and Cal seem to be ready to move on, and if they find a deal with another conference, expect them to jump ship.

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