College football coach accuses Deion Sanders’ Colorado staff of poaching players, turns out to get catfished

NCAA Football: Colorado Spring Game
A coach accused Deion Sanders' staff member of tempering

Deion Sanders and Colorado Buffaloes' AD of Player Personnel, Devin Rispress, were recently accused of poaching players from the head coach of a Division II program at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

The NCAA has set up transfer portal windows throughout the year, which helps student-athletes to transfer at a given time and find a program that best aligns with their goals. However, it is common in the world of college football for coaches to complain about portal tampering.

This time it was the HC of Colorado State University-Pueblo, Philip Vigil, who uploaded a series of screenshots on X, which are now deleted. Per reports, the screenshot showed a conversation between two people: a player and a person trying to impersonate Devin Rispress.

Rispress immediately criticized the conversation and called it fake.

"Nice try yall been catfished wrong guy brother. You could’ve hit me up before tweeting this and embarrassing your program," Rispress wrote in the comments.

Deion Sanders explains how he develops players from amateur level to pros

Coach Prime is a leader when it comes to mentoring players. A frequently discussed part of his role as the Colorado Buffaloes' head coach is how he helps his players develop a deeper understanding of football and life.

When Deion Sanders appeared on the "ALL THE SMOKE" podcast, he detailed his distinctive approach to mentoring his athletes.

"Relationships. It starts off with the relationship with the whole staff," he explained.
"A kid has to know me, I got to know him, I got to know buttons, I got to know who's who, what's what, and how this kid gets down." [21:00]

Deion Sanders is of the opinion that since every player is unique, they require different types of attention and care. It will be interesting to see how the Buffs squad thrive under his leadership.

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