IN PHOTOS: UCLA QB Ethan Garbers' GF Sissy Sheridan shares snaps from Californian vacation 

Ethan Garbers and Sissy Sheridan went on a vacation.
Ethan Garbers and Sissy Sheridan went on a vacation. (Images via Instagram)

UCLA QB Ethan Garbers and his girlfriend, Sissy Sheridan, are cooling off before the start of the college football season. Both of them went on a vacation to California and uploaded pictures from their getaway.

Sheridan posed in a black top and blue-washed denim pants, while Garbers opted to wear a white long-sleeved top and black shorts.

"baybay trip ⛅️," was the caption of the post.

Sissy and Ethan have been dating each other for over a year and celebrated their first anniversary in February.

"365 days with my girl, I love every moment we are together. ❤️" wrote Garbers for his girlfriend.

Garbers has become the starting QB of the team, and he is preparing himself by spending more time with his wide receivers.

Ethan Garbers talked about his connection with a WR of the Bruins

The UCLA Bruins QB is set to enter a new year of college football and will aim for a much more successful season. There is a high chance that he will be the starting quarterback of the squad. While practicing for the upcoming season, he was able to forge connections with some of the wide receivers on the team and also talked about Titus Mokiao-Atimala.

Atimala sat out for the majority of the season last year because of undisclosed reasons. Despite that, Bragers showed a high amount of trust for his WR:

"Titus is my guy, for sure, and we’re definitely building a good connection going into the season," Ethan Garbers said, according to Sports Illustrated.

Creating connections with wide-outs will help Garbers play effortlessly on the field. Therefore, using the offseason to polish up on games is important. Last year, the UCLA QB played in 11 games and was in and out because of an injury.

Ethan Garbers expects to play better than ever under the guidance of new head coach DeShaun Foster. Ethan said that under Foster, the team could have fun while playing, unlike Chip Kelly.

"The biggest thing, he said it up there when he was talking, was about having fun," Garbers said. "Not like under coach Kelly that we didn't have fun, but it was more of a job than (just) playing football".
"Coach Foster wants to get back to playing football and having fun while you're doing it," Garbers observed.

Ethan Garbers threw for 1,136 yards with 11 touchdowns and three interceptions last season.

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