"Shedeur Sanders is a scammer": Colorado star Shilo Sanders hilariously roasts brother for his money-related shenanigans

Shilo Sanders, Shedeur Sanders
Shilo Sanders called Shedeur Sanders a scammer. (Instagram/ Shilo Sanders, Shedeur Sanders)

Deion Sanders’ son, Shedeur Sanders, got called out by his brother and Colorado teammate, Shilo Sanders. In a video posted on Coach Prime's Instagram, Shilo hilariously roasted Shedeur on money matters. The conversation had the Colorado Buffaloes' head coach and his oldest son, Deion Sanders Jr., in splits.

Both Shedeur and Shilo are an integral part of Sanders’ Colorado football program and are preparing for the 2024 season. During the practice, Coach Prime asked his sons who would be the first one among them to lend money at the bar. Shilo replied that he won't trust his quarterback brother and called him a ‘scammer.’

“Shedeur be like ‘I’m bad bro’. But he is a scammer,” he said.

While their dad and older brother couldn't control their laughter, Shedeur Sanders asked Shilo to explain how he reached the conclusion. In turn, the defensive back asked, 'Who would Shedeur not give valet money or change to?'

The signal caller pointed towards Deion Sanders Jr. The brothers said that their older brother hands out every penny he collects from them to the valet.

“Whatever you hand Bucky, you can hand him 200 he would give 200 to the valet,” Shilo said.

Shedeur called the founder of the ‘Well Off’ brand generous, and Deion Sanders added that he had asked him what he wanted, signaling an impending gift to Coach Prime. Sanders Jr. stood there and laughed at the situation.

Deion Sanders doesn't "trust" his sons Shedeur Sanders and Sanders Jr.

In March, Deion Sanders went for a walk during a family vacation in the Dominican Republic. Things went a little south as the Colorado head coach got lost while admiring the beautiful surroundings. However, his friend and former defensive end, Darius Sanders, quickly rescued him.

The whole scene was caught on camera, and Coach Prime gave a shout-out to his friend, saying that is why his last name is Sanders. On the question of if he called his sons Shedeur Sanders and Sanders Jr., who were also with them on the vacation, the NFL legend said:

“No, I don’t trust them, you were my first call, I know you”.


Coach Prime was glad to get help from his friend, and Darius was happy to get glowing remarks from him. As for Shedeur and Sanders Jr., it seemed like a hilarious vote of no confidence from their dad.

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