Texas WR Adonai Mitchell gets tagged almost uncoachable by NFL scouts amid reports of diabetic health condition

Adonai Mitchell`s health, attitude a cause of concern for NFL scouts
Adonai Mitchell`s health, attitude a cause of concern for NFL scouts

NFL scouts aren't really too fond of Texas WR Adonai Mitchell, while also citing concerns about his health. These scouts spoke anonymously to mention how the incredibly talented player is a bit of a loose cannon (via Steelers Depot).

According to one unnamed scout, here's their thoughts on the young prospect:

"He`s got Garrett Wilson-esque catch radius, athletic ability, body control. But he's almost uncoachable," the scout said.

One more scout reportedly said this about Adonai Mitchell, once more referring to his apparent "uncoachability" and his health issues with his diabetes (more on this later).

"He's kind of gonna do it his way. He's a little bit of a wild horse," another scout added. "You've got to see if you can harness him in. Then, once you do that, he doesn’t address the diabetic stuff in a mature way. He`s very much a boom-or-bust type of guy."

At 6-foot-2, 205 lbs, Adonai Mitchell has good size at the WR position with immense athletic ability. He has a 39.5-inch vertical and ran a 4.34 40, alongside having an 11'4" board (via Bleacher Report). In terms of raw, physical talent, the Texas wide receiver is one of the most exciting prospects in the NFL.

So much so, that it's reported the Pittsburgh Steelers are showing major interest in the young man. The Steelers have been quite clear ahead of the NFL draft that they need a wide receiver, and Adonai Mitchell is one of the best available. But his apparent attitude issues and health concerns are causing teams to be a bit apprehensive (via YardBarker.com).

Mitchell played his first two years for Kirby Smart and Georgia, before transferring to Texas last season. He tallied 55 receptions in total for the Longhorns, good for 845 yards and 11 touchdowns for the year.

Adonai Mitchell`s health condition

As previously mentioned, Adonai Mitchell is diabetic. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, which is reportedly not being managed in an effective way and is causing even more concerns among NFL scouts. One person even went as far as saying that he might need someone to literally watch over him and make sure he`s keeping his blood sugar in check.

However, Cover1's Jon Helmkamp (who has a diabetic daughter) offered a take on X, trying to explain what could be causing the apparent attitude problems in the young man.

"We all know what it’s like to have high or low blood sugar for a moment - wait too long to eat and the term “hangry” is used often," he wrote."When our blood sugar is high or low, it can absolutely impair our emotional state and our ability to process information."

Helmkamp continues:

"If these reports about Mitchell not managing his T1D responsibly are correct, then he is setting himself up for failure in the meeting rooms, on the practice field, and in games."

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