"Steal signs and you can win a national title": NCAA endures backlash from CFB fans over FSU facing harsh NIL-related recruiting sanctions

NCAA imposes penalties on Florida State football program over recruiting violations tied to NIL
NCAA imposes penalties on Florida State football program over recruiting violations tied to NIL

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) ignited a firestorm of controversy after levying harsh sanctions on the FSU football program for violating Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) regulations.

The NCAA Committee on Infractions found that the FSU program, along with an assistant coach, a booster, and a collective, engaged in improper NIL-related recruiting activities.

As reports indicated, an assistant coach, Alex Atkins allegedly arranged a forbidden meeting between a transfer prospect and a booster.

Florida's CFO & State Fire Marshal, Jimmy Patronis attacked the NCAA. Via a tweet, Patronis demanded an investigation into the association, accusing Charlie Baker and Stan Wilcox, two top officials, of harboring political agendas and personal vendettas against Florida State.

Many CFB fans expressed their outrage over the NCAA's decision on social media. For example, Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel tweeted:

“If an FSU assistant introducing a transfer to a school collective is the new standard of cheating then I think we can go ahead and vacate the entire 2023 season.”

NCAA faced more heat from college football fans:

“Steal signs and you can win a national title though,” an X user reacted.
“The fruit must have been hanging real low on this one,” another tweeted.
“So there ARE rules now?”, one wrote.
“So we are pretty sure it was Keon Coleman (Seminoles WR) right?” another fan reacted.
“Was thinking the same thing. This must be a really technical interpretation of the rule or something lol,” one fan wrote.
“If you can't beat us cheat us,” another fan wrote.
“The NCAA is just as corrupt as the government," a fan tweeted. “Never thought I'd see the day.”
“NCAA could nab any school in the country right now for this same thing.. but they pick FSU.. weird,” another reacted.
“FSU has made enemies ever since they didn't take the playoff snub lying down,” a fan tweeted. “They're being made THE example.”

NCAA takes action against Florida State football program for recruiting violations

Reportedly, the recruit was offered about $15,000 per month for his first year at FSU by the Florida State NIL collective. However, the recruit chose to stay with his original school.

As a result of the violations, the assistant coach was suspended for three games, received a two-year show cause order, and was banned from off-campus recruiting in the fall.

The booster and the collective were required to disassociate from the program for three and one year, respectively. The school also faced a five percent reduction in scholarships, equivalent to about five..

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