10 villains/anti-heroes able to pick up Thor's hammer

Black Widow, Captain America, Loki, and Magneto (Images via Marvel Comics)
Black Widow, Captain America, Loki, and Magneto (Images via Marvel Comics)

An enchantment bound to Thor's hammer says, "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." What it means to be "worthy" has always been a little vague, but it's commonly agreed that it requires the wielder to have qualities of a leader like honor, integrity, and compassion.

More than a handful of comic book characters meet this prerequisite because they are pure of heart and have everyone else's best interests in mind. However, from time to time, there are those one would expect to be unworthy, yet they somehow manage to lift the mighty weapon of Thor.

Ten unworthy characters that lifted Thor's hammer

10) Moon Knight

Avengers #33 (Image via Marvel Comics)
Avengers #33 (Image via Marvel Comics)

Being the avatar of Khonshu, God of the Moon and God of Vengeance, it wouldn't be expected for the morally gray Moon Knight to wield Thor's hammer. However, he did just that.

No, he's not worthy of having Thor's powers, but in Avengers #33 from 2020, he did wield the mighty hammer and go toe-to-toe with the God of Thunder himself.

It is revealed that because Khonshu is the God of the Moon, not just Earth's moon, and Mjolnir is made from Uru (metal from a moon), even Khonshu's avatar has influence over the material. Lucky for Marc Spector, this means he is able to lift the legendary hammer.

9) Ultimate Magneto

Ultimate Magneto with the hammer (Image via Marvel Comics)
Ultimate Magneto with the hammer (Image via Marvel Comics)

It could probably be argued that Erik Lensherr could wield Mjolnir in the 616-universe because he's not all bad. He just wants mutants to live without fear of persecution.

His variant in the ultimate universe is a different story. Ultimate Magneto was a ruthless character with quite the body count and no redeeming qualities. Being worthy or not is of no consequence to him, though.

Because of his powers over magnetism, Ultimate Magneto manipulated the electromagnetic field around Thor's hammer. This allowed him to use it against its owner and prove a more formidable foe than initially thought.

8) Rogue

Evil Rogue went on to kill multiple Avengers with Mjolnir (Image via Marvel Comics)
Evil Rogue went on to kill multiple Avengers with Mjolnir (Image via Marvel Comics)

Rogue has the potential to be the most powerful X-Man, perhaps even mutant, in the Marvel universe with her ability to absorb people's powers. Back in 1994, there was a "What if..." issue that answered the question:

"What if Rogue possessed the Power of Thor?"

In this "What if..." Rogue was a villain and used her power to essentially absorb Thor's worthiness. This evil Rogue went on to kill multiple Avengers with Mjolnir.

7) Loki

Loki holding Mjolnir (Image via Marvel Comics)
Loki holding Mjolnir (Image via Marvel Comics)

Everyone's favorite trickster and adopted brother to Thor Odinson has long desired to wield the Uru-made hammer. Of course, with his mischievous methods and, you know, homicidal tendencies, Loki couldn't possibly be worthy.

However, back in 2020, he was. After the War of the Realms arc, Loki sat on the throne of the Frost Giants and became their ruler.

It's a moment that left fans simultaneously intrigued and confused. During this time, Mjolnir was growing increasingly heavier for Thor to lift. Eventually, it is learned that the enchantment imbued on the hammer was failing, along with all of Asgardian magic, helping Loki lift it.

6) Hydra Cap

Cap goes bad (Image via Marvel Comics)
Cap goes bad (Image via Marvel Comics)

Fans would think that this is the product of another "What if...", but it was very much in continuity within the 616 Universe. Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, joined the ranks of Hydra.

He was no longer the benevolent hero fans grew up with and instead traded in the stars and stripes in favor of the skull and tentacles. That's not the scary part, though. What's frightening is that he was still considered worthy.

An evil Captain America being able to lift Mjolnir signaled to many that this really was Cap and not an impostor. It also made a lot of people in the Marvel Universe fall in line and follow his lead.

5) Black Widow

Black Widow reaching for Mjolnir (Image via Marvel Comics)
Black Widow reaching for Mjolnir (Image via Marvel Comics)

Within the pages of another "What if..." story, the former assassin, now a popular Avenger, picks up Thor's hammer to save the day. It's a world where Ultron has eliminated every being with powers, and few are left to help.

Black Widow with Nick Fury and a few others happen across the spot Thor died, and his hammer fell. That's when Natasha takes the long shot and grips the hammer.

Surprised, she is able to lift Mjolnir and vanquish the mythical dragon Jormungand.

4) Doom

Doctor Doom with Mjolnir (Image via Marvel Comics)
Doctor Doom with Mjolnir (Image via Marvel Comics)

Doctor Doom, brilliant scientist, talented sorcerer, and great rival to the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards, once found himself trapped in Hell. Not exactly a place anyone would like to be.

And when someone finds themselves in such a place, what do they do? They attempt to escape. Serendipitously, Mjolnir ended up crashing into Hell, giving Doom a means to escape. And that's just what he did.

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Because Mjolnir was in Hell, its enchantment was weakened and allowed the great Doctor Doom to pick it up and fight his way out of his prison. So he wasn't necessarily worthy by any means because he was still his usual egomaniac self.

3) Red Hulk

Thor and Red Hulk (Image via Marvel Comics)
Thor and Red Hulk (Image via Marvel Comics)

Thunderbolt Ross has been a longtime antagonist for Bruce Banner. He eventually underwent an experiment that turned him into Red Hulk (or Rulk), making him just as strong as Hulk but more in control of his actions.

He's not exactly a character you want wielding the thunderous powers of Thor. Luckily, Red Hulk didn't actually use Mjolnir as much as he directed it.

There was a time when Rulk and Thor fought each other in Earth's orbit. Thunderbolt Ross used this to his advantage. Since everything is weightless in space, Ross recognized this and used the weightlessness to be able to swing the magical hammer against Thor.

2) Deadpool

Deadpool Flying with Mjolnir (Image via Marvel Comics)
Deadpool Flying with Mjolnir (Image via Marvel Comics)

Deadpool is a cocktail when it comes to emotions and antics. And the last person anyone in the Marvel Universe wants to see with Mjolnir.

How is he worthy, you might ask. Well, he's not. Yes, he picked up the hammer and swung it around, causing some damage. He even briefly had a new outfit resembling the God of Thunder. However, that hammer was a fake.

Loki was up to his old tricks and used his magic to hide the real Mjolnir and create a fake one that Deadpool was able to lift. This wasn't revealed until Deadpool realized he was being duped by the trickster god.

So, he and Thor briefly teamed up to stop Loki, and Deadpool's newfound powers dissipated.

1) Venom

Venom with Mjolnir (Image via Marvel Comics)
Venom with Mjolnir (Image via Marvel Comics)

Like everyone else on this list, Eddie Brock's Venom is the last character one would expect to wield Mjolnir. Yet, in the comic book event by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, King in Black, he did just that.

That's just the tip of the iceberg because Venom simultaneously used Silver Surfer's surfboard.

In this comic event, Knull, creator of the symbiotes, comes to Earth and battles the best Earth has to offer. This, of course, includes Venom.

At one point, Eddie summoned Mjolnir straight from Thor's hands and used it to battle. Surprising, but it actually makes sense given the context of the story.

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What would make this anti-hero capable of wielding the magical hammer? It has to do with the Enigma Force.

The Enigma Force is an entity that represents life and light. When Eddie died during this event, The Enigma Force resurrected him. Once this happened, Venom could use Mjolnir just as easily as the God of Thunder.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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