Marc Spector begs for Khonshu's help in Moon Knight #11 after betraying the Moon God

Marc Spector prays to the Moon God (Image via Marvel Comics)
Marc Spector prays to the Moon God (Image via Marvel Comics)

As of now, Moon Knight is the hottest Marvel property. With Oscar Isaac’s depiction of Knight with multiple personalities, fans want more of this white-robed hero, be it on their screen or on the pages of the comic series. Thanks to the popularity of the Disney+ series, fans are flocking around the current comic, Moon Knight Vol. 9.

The series released its latest issue #10 on April 6th where fans got to see the brutal side of Knight when he trapped his foe and left him for dead. Moments like this make him different from other superheroes. For fans wanting a glimpse of what lies ahead, Marvel recently launched a teaser of issue #11 on their website. The teaser shows Knight begging the Moon God and seeking help for the first time since Marc’s betrayal.


Where is Khonshu? Why did Marc betray his master? Will Khonshu forgive his servant and help him in this dire situation? Let’s dive into comic book history and find the answers to these blazing questions.

Disclaimer: The following section of the article contains spoilers.

In Avengers: Age of Khonshu, Moon Knight defeats Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, and the Mighty Thor

Created by Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón, Age of Khonshu is a 2020 comic series starring the White Knight and the Avengers. The story begins when Khonshu, the God of the Moon, learns about Mephisto’s evil scheme to plunge the world into darkness. Moon God takes the task of saving the world into his own hands with the aid of his loyal servant Marc Spector.

In this awesome series, we see Marc Spector go toe-to-toe with powerful Avengers like Iron First, Ghost Rider, and the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange. After defeating the superheroes, Moon Knight takes their powers for himself. Knight even confronts the God of Thunder and in an epic battle, he defeats Thor using his own hammer and imprisons him.

The all-powerful Moon Knight goes on to kill Mephisto and Khonshu declares his dominance over the mortal realm. The God of the Moon reconstructs Manhattan to look like futuristic Egypt in the guise of saving the world and protecting it better from future threats.

After a spectacular battle with the Black Panther, Marc Spector realizes that his master is wrong. He summons the Phoenix Force and transforms into the Fist of Phoenix. With his newfound powers, Marc betrays his master and defeats him with one punch. Khonshu is later imprisoned in Asgard, while Moon Knight carries on his task of street vigilantism.

In the preview of Moon Knight Vol 9 Issue #11, Marc Spector is in a dire situation against his enemy Zodiac. In a shocking twist, the preview shows Marc bending his knee in front of his old master Khonshu and praying for help. While after the betrayal, Marc and Khonshu shared a complex relationship, the Moon God agrees to help for a price.

What are the conditions set by Khonshu? Does he want his Knight to set him free from the Asgardian prison? Answers will be revealed in issue #11 of Moon Knight. Written by the writers of Avengers: Age of Khonshu, the issue will be released on May 11, 2022.

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