DC features Damian Wayne's secret brother in Robin #13

Respawn demanding a rematch (Image via DC Comics)
Respawn demanding a rematch (Image via DC Comics)

The mantle of Robin, the boy wonder, has been handled by different characters throughout the history of comics. Currently, Batman’s biological son Damian Wayne helms the title and is going strong in his own comic book series.

The brooding boy wonder (just like his father) is the defender of Gotham, and currently he is on a mission to capture Deathstroke, the man who supposedly killed his grandfather Ra’s Al Ghul.


In Robin #13, Damian Wayne clashes with his rival, Respawn. Damian Wayne and Respawn are engaged in a gruelling battle when Wayne learns a shocking truth. Respawn is none other than his own brother. Respawn’s secret identity opens up multiple doors for his character's development in DC continuity.

Respawn, brother of Robin, is the son of Slade Wilson and Talia Al Ghul

Written by Josh Williamson and illustrated by Roger Cruz, Robin #13 is a part of the ongoing crossover event, Shadow War. The series consists of titles like Batman, Deathstroke Inc, and Robin. It starts off when a reformed Ra’s Al Ghul developed a good bond with his grandson, Damian.

However, things turn ugly in Shadow War: Alpha #1 when Al Ghul is shot in the head and annihilated in a blast by Deathstroke, or a mysterious person in a classic Deathstroke costume. Furious because of her father’s death, Talia Al Ghul unleashed the league of assassins after Slade and his company of mercenaries. Damian, on the other hand, is on a manhunt to find his grandfather’s killer.

In Issue #13, Damian, along with Ravager, is engaged in combat with Respawn. In a battle of fists and words, Respawn declares that Deathstroke didn’t kill Al Ghul. He further reveals his secret that he is, in fact, Damian's half-brother.

Respawn, the son of Deathstroke, first appeared in Robin Volume 3 #1 and fought Damian at the Lazarus tournament. As per Deathstroke Inc. #7, Respawn was created by the immortal Ra’s Al Ghul to replace Damian, who had just left the league to join his father, Bruce Wayne. Carrying the DNA of Slade Wilson and Talia Al Ghul, Respawn bears an uncanny resemblance to Damian.

After learning the truth, Damian empathizes with his rival who went through a similar physical and mental ordeal. He is ready to forgive him when Respawn suddenly moves in to attack, demanding a rematch. The issue ends with Damian and his father Bruce reconciling, kickstarting their quest to find the true killer of Ra’s Al Ghul.

Robin #13 is already on sale in comic book stores as well as on DC websites. This ongoing series is truly gripping, and fans cannot wait to find out what happens next in the saga.

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