Marvel confirms a new comic issue of the Amazing Spider-Man to celebrate the iconic superhero in June 2022

The Amazing Spider-Man series to get a new issue (Image via Marvel)
The Amazing Spider-Man series to get a new issue (Image via Marvel)

It's been 60 years since Spider-Man/Peter Parker made his first appearance, and to celebrate the iconic Superhero, Marvel confirmed that they will launch a new issue in the series in June 2022.

The six-volume series, which began in 1963, has gone on to feature 899 issues to date, and the upcoming issue would be #900.

Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. will be writing about the new era of the comic book series. Zeb Wells stated:

“I’ve waited for my entire career to work with John Romita Jr. Teaming up with him for the character’s 60th anniversary is so exciting words can’t describe it. We’re gonna have a blast.”

What do we know about new issue of the Amazing Spider-Man?

Marvel fans still can't get over seeing Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire together in the latest MCU project. Watching three live-action versions of the superhero fight against some of the greatest Marvel villains was a treat for every fan.

However, there is a good news for fans who want to see more of Peter Parker. Apparently, while the 900th issue of the series will be hitting stores in June 2022, Marvel has the confirmed the relaunch of Amazing Spider-Man #1 on April 6, 2022. Here, you can find a preview of the upcoming #1 of the series:

Amazing Spider-Man #1 preview (Image via Marvel)
Amazing Spider-Man #1 preview (Image via Marvel)

The official synopsis of the issue ponders over the question of what did Peter Parker do that drove him apart from everyone. He is not on fine terms with the Avengers, not even Aunt May is talking to Parker. Basically, no one is in contact with him except Dr. Ock. Unfortunately, it’s clear that Doc Ock is talking to Spidy because he plans to do something evil to him.

A preview of the sequence of what did Peter do (Image via Marvel)
A preview of the sequence of what did Peter do (Image via Marvel)

Besides Doc Ock, Tombstone will also make an appearance in the new storyline. So, it would be interesting to see one of the greatest supervillains against Spidey.

In the past, we’ve seen the iconic superhero teaming up with Miles Morales. However, in the new storyline, Peter Parker will embark on a solo journey.

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