Marvel makes Frank Castle head of Hand and gives him superpowers in Punisher #2

The comic cover of Punisher #2 (Image via Marvel Comics)
The comic cover of Punisher #2 (Image via Marvel Comics)

The Punisher is about to become ever more deadly as he receives superpowers in the latest issue of his ongoing comic. In the comic written by Jason Aaron, we see Frank receive superpowers as he now has the dark abilities of The Beast. This is going to take Frank Castle down an extremely dark and violent path, the likes of which we probably haven't seen before.

The Punisher has been a part of The Hand in Marvel comics for a while now. He has been on a constant dark evolution in the comics that has seen the character go on a new journey and seemingly take a much more destructive path. The Punisher has now officially been nicknamed the Fist of the Beast. With that being said, let's explore the details of Frank receiving powers.

The Punisher receives superpowers as he becomes the Fist of the Beast

Frank Castle in the comics has now been working for The Hand for quite a while. After the villainous organization promised him that they would resurrect his wife, Frank joined them, and started sporting a new logo resembling that of The Hand's.

The anti-hero has now gone on a journey that looks like it will cost him a lot. Amidst one of the biggest character shifts the Punisher might have ever received, it looks like Frank is probably going to end up regretting the deal with The Hand. Not only that, but it looks like we might get to see a villain in the making too.

What are Frank's powers?

In the process of becoming the Fist of the Beast, the Punisher starts having his body taken over by The Beast. With pulsing red energy around him and his eyes glowing with rage, Frank is a new man with a new set of powers that can annihilate anything and anyone.

With the Eye of the Beast, Frank can see the future, the past and everything surrounding him, and there's nothing he can't do. With Eye of the Beast, Frank is able to find the smallest details. It looks like Frank doesn't just have brute strength, but he is so much more.

How will this cost Frank?

A page from the comic (Image via Marvel Comics)
A page from the comic (Image via Marvel Comics)

With this, of course, comes the precedent that Frank is now losing himself. Knowing Frank Castle and reading about him for so many years, one thing is for sure that he will do anything to make sure his family comes back alive. With his wife seemingly alive as well now, Frank is definitely going to hold on to these powers with his dear life.

The deal with The Hand is definitely going to cost him a fortune, and it looks like the only way he can get out of it is to let go of his wife. With this development, it remains to be seen if Frank is going to turn into a full-on villain or not.

The Setup from Devil's Reign

Then there was the setup from Devil's Reign as well that saw Elektra and Daredevil on their way to take down The Hand. With the Punisher now a part of The Hand, are we going to see Matt Murdock and Frank Castle face off against each other? All that remains to be seen, but the possibilities here are genuinely exciting.

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