Dark Horse's new Hellboy: Assault on Castle Death takes a deeper dive into his childhood

New Hellboy comic cover (Image via Dark Horse comics)
New Hellboy comic cover (Image via Dark Horse comics)
Rohit Rajput

Hellboy: Assault on Castle Death is a new Hellboy series that is about to be launched by Dark Horse comics. The comic is written by Mike Mignola and Thomas Snielgoski.

Hellboy is definitely one of the more eye-catching superheroes out there. Even though he isn't from Marvel or DC, people are still able to recognize him instantly.

With Hellboy: Assault on Castle Death, we will see the adventures of young Hellboy. The concept itself is quite interesting because we always get to see Hellboy as a big brute, but we never really got to see much of his childhood. This comic will give us a rare glimpse into the psyche of Hellboy and how he grew up to be who he is.

Let us explore the details of the upcoming comic and see what it's all about.

Hellboy: Assault on Castle Death follows a much younger hero

Hellboy: Assault on Castle Death will give us a much younger Hellboy and his adventures. In an exclusive with SuperHeroHyped, writers Mike Mignola and Thomas Snielgoski revealed exclusive details about the comic. There is no doubt that the comic will be amazing.

When we first see Hellboy, he is adopted by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, and then there is a time jump after which we directly see him as an adult. Hellboy: Assault on Castle Death aims to focus on his life right around the time when he was growing up.

Comic cover for the new Hellboy comic (Image via Dark Horse comics)
Comic cover for the new Hellboy comic (Image via Dark Horse comics)

With Hellboy being unequipped to fight the demons he will face, the story will might be full of dread and darkness. It will be a great coming-of-age story that will definitely help flesh out this popular character even more.

Talking about the story, Sniegoski said,

"After an adventure involving hidden lands lost in time and space, monkey people, dinosaurs, a vampire queen, and a pulp adventure hero who turns into a giant gorilla, what type of shenanigans could young Hellboy possibly be getting into now? Join the world's greatest paranormal investigator before he earned the title in his newest adventure."

He also added,

"Who are the Brothers of Desolation, and why do they want Hellboy dead? Will young Hellboy, in the guise of the Scarlet Crab, and his faithful dog sidekick Mac be able to defeat the nightmares which are about to emerge from Castle Death? Or will they need assistance from a certain crustacean-based 1930s pulp hero (Lobster Johnson!)? Only those willing to embrace the thrills and chills of Young Hellboy: Assault on Castle Death will know for sure!"

Artist Craig Rousseau and colorist Chris O'Halloran are also a part of the team. The lettering is done by Clem Robbins and Matt Smith created the cover.

Official Description

HELLBOY AND THE DEADMAN CURSEHellBoy created by @artofmmignola

Dark Horse comics has also released an official description,

"Returned from their adventures on a secret island, Hellboy and the Professor move with the B.P.R.D. from New Mexico to Connecticut. The relocation is tough on Hellboy: is he just homesick, or have scrambled memories from the island gripped the supernatural whippersnapper? Meanwhile, word of Hellboy's survival has also reached an unknown enemy, who failed to kill him once before but is determined not be foiled again..."

It sounds like we are up for an extremely fun and dark adventure. We will get some great action.

So better get excited as Hellboy: Assault on Castle Death #1 releases on July 13, 2022.

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