Who is DC's Christopher Chance aka Human Target? Origin explored as character gets a Black Label One-Shot comic

The Human Target #4 (Image via DC Comics)
The Human Target #4 (Image via DC Comics)
Riya Hotchandani

One of the most intriguing characters that DC has given us is Human Target. First appeared in Action Comics #419 in December 1972 as Christopher Chance, the particular character who has had many live-action appearances, now has a Black Label One-Shot comic.

Human Target has been in some of the most amazing stories protecting heroes and villains by impersonating them. He has imitated kings, criminals, politicians, and even playboy billionaires like our own Bruce Wayne.

But what made Chance the avid impersonator and fierce protector he is today? Let us go through his roots and uncover the mystery.

The origin story of Human Target

Action Comics #422 (Image via DC Comics)
Action Comics #422 (Image via DC Comics)

Christopher Chance's story started when he was little. He was walking with his father in the neighborhood when a mysterious man tried to shoot him. Christopher tried to shield his father by jumping in the way, but was brushed aside.

The goon was a professional killer, Dancer, sent by a local loan shark, Amos Sharkey, who wanted to kill Christopher's father because of constant delays in payment. He chose to kill him to make an example out of him.

As Christopher's father lay in his arms dying, he told Christopher to be the man he was never able to be. Christopher then vowed not to let this happen to anyone else. Over time, he became fearless. He became proficient in martial arts and weapons and honed his investigative skills.

Action Comics #422 (Image via DC Comics)
Action Comics #422 (Image via DC Comics)

He also became exceptionally skilled in impersonating people. He made tools and equipment that gave him the ability to look like anyone, and he learned the art of mimicry, acting, disguise, and muscle memory to further aid him in his pursuits.

He got so used to becoming another person that he forgot to be himself. In most continuities, Human Target cannot form personal relationships as it's hard for him to know if the feeling is genuine or a side effect of his impersonations.

Our hero used his special talents to save lives by impersonating influential personalities. He didn't fear death and was able to stand in its face every day. He even impersonated Bruce Wayne to make him and Batman seem like different entities, to clear the justified doubt of Vicki Vale.

If you're not reading The Human Target we'd like to know your excuse...cause we can guarantee isn't a good one.

A little disturbing and a lot more interesting, this was the origin story of our very own Human Target. While you patiently wait to experience his new Black Label One-Shot comic, we recommend that you give Action Comics #422 a read, so that you can experience his origin story before you get into the new stuff.

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