Bruce Wayne aka Batman discovers the IPL (Satire)

Bruce Wayne about to put on the mask of Batman...
Linus Fernandes

Bruce Wayne aka Batman flew in to Mumbai, the other day on a fact-finding misison.

“Tell me,” he asked the cabbie hailed at Sahara airport, “what is this cricket and IPL all about?”

The cabbie looked at him incredulously.

“Are you telling me, saar, that you don’t know what the biggest show in town is?”

“It’s a show, is it? Bigger than Broadway? What’s this about it having a lot of batmen?” responds Wayne.

“Batsmen, saar. It’s a batsman’s game.”

“Damn, that’s what I thought. The rumours are true. Batman has a lot of impersonators here.” muttered Wayne in an undertone.

“So what do these batmen do? Dress in costumes?” queried the Gotham resident.

“Yes, saar, they wear colourful uniforms and use a bat to hit a wooden white ball.” answered the taxi driver.

“Use a bat? Hmm, even worse than I thought. PETA should be called in and book them for cruelty to animals. Are they masked?”

Bruce Wayne in Batman: The Animated Series (19...

“You could say that , saar. They wear helmets and it is difficult to make out their faces under them.”

“So when are these shows held? At night?”

“Yes, saar. Most of the games are held at night under floodlights. Though some do happen at four o’clock in the evening.”

“Hmm, they’re definitely aping Batman. Nocturnal animals!” remarked Wayne.

“And when is the next show?”

“Tonight, saar. Mumbai Indians take on Pune Warriors at the Wankhede.”

“Damn, I must have a ticket. I should catch them in the act.”

“Saar, I can get you tickets. I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who is a good pal of Robin Singh of MI and can avail his quota of tickets.”

Robin Singh at Adelaide Oval

“What??? They have a Robin as well. This is getting worse by the minute. Do that.”

Bruce Wayne picked up his cell-phone and made a few frantic calls.

Bruce Wayne is dropped off at the Taj in South Mumbai after being assured of being delivered his ticket.

Unfortunately, the great crime-fighter is unable to catch the evening entertainment at Wankhede because of a severe affliction of‘Bombay Belly’.

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The newspaper headline the next day reads,”BCCI sued for copyright infringement by DC Comics and Wayne Enterprises: Robin Singh co-accused.”

Edited by Staff Editor


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