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3 ways to get training from Zaheer Khan

566   //    08 Jan 2019, 16:36 IST

Want to get trained by Zaheer Khan?
Want to get trained by Zaheer Khan?

It's the dream of every aspiring cricketer to play for their national side. One dream, that goes hand in hand with it, is that of being trained by a legendary cricketer.

Ask any young Indian batsman who he wants to be trained by, and the answer is likely to be Sachin Tendulkar. And for a fast bowler, the answer will most likely be Zaheer Khan.

While it's very hard to actually get a training session from these players, we take a look at three ways one can get close to fulfilling his dream of being mentored by Zaheer Khan:

#1 – Stalking on social media

Zaheer Khan is on all the top social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you name it and the legendary Indian bowler is on it. And that is easily the best way to contact him.

A lot of fans keep a track of players' whereabouts and jump to the chance of meeting them. People often keep running behind them but with social media available to everyone now, people just keep pestering celebrities there.

Try your luck and keep tweeting to him or commenting on his posts on Instagram. Who knows? When he is in your city, he might just decide to help you out!

#2 – Play cricket outside his hotel

Recently, we have seen a lot of players stop their cars and join people playing on the streets. Sachin Tendulkar and Rohit Sharma took time out to play cricket with a bunch of people on the streets and similarly, Robin van Persie stopped by a bunch of youngsters in the Netherlands when he saw them playing.

Zaheer is someone who loves cricket and will jump on the chance of playing it, anytime and anywhere. Get a game going outside the hotel he is staying and he might just join you for a game.

#3 – Sign-up for Ferit Cricket Bash

Ferit Cricket Bash gives you a chance to train with 'Zak'
Ferit Cricket Bash gives you a chance to train with 'Zak'

This is the best and the sure-shot way to get a chance of training with Zaheer Khan. The bowler, along with actor Sunil Shetty, has launched the Ferit Cricket Bash – an amateur league for passionate cricketers around the country.

Sign up for just Rs 499 and impress the coaches at the training centre in your state. If you manage to impress the coaches, you are all set to get a training session from Zaheer Khan himself!

Click here to register for Ferit Cricket Bash