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7 rules you need to follow if you are a beginner in cycling

Amber Larson
304   //    23 Nov 2017, 14:39 IST

London Cycling
Riders must wear a helmet at all times

Have you just bought your first bicycle? And have you just learned a bit to bicycle? Then these seven basic tips will help you a lot during your first cycling times.

1. Buy a bicycle helmet and always keep it. It is the simplest but most important advice. Even if you need to bicycle only fifteen minutes, don't risk it.

2. Don't look for someone to cycle. This advice has two meanings. Firstly, if a person needs a company, then he really doesn't want to do this, indeed. But if you really want to do something, just do it! Even alone. Secondly, there is a certain risk that your companion will have more experience in the cycling and it won't allow you to develop gradually.

3. Smoothly, but regularly increase distance. Of course, it will take some time. But be patient.

4. Don't increase speed. It is too early for it. I strongly recommend all beginners to forget the word "speed". Now you do not really need it. Only after learning to ride long distances, you can think about the increase in tempo.

5. Listen to your feelings. Sometimes, it happens, when you begin to ride, and it seems that the weather is fine, there is no headwind but you can't force yourself to ride. You shouldn't struggle with it. This is quite normal. The body can't be every day with the same readiness. If your body feels not very cheerful, you can reduce the tempo or even reduce the distance or even more, stop cycling.

6. Your hands mustn't be distracted by anything. So the first rule is "no phone during cycling". If you want to listen to the music, you need to purchase an MP3 player. If you need to drink during the cycling, purchase the special bottle with which you can drink fast and in motion.

7. Buy a lantern for night cycling. It is so attractive because there are fewer cars and people, so you can enjoy the riding freely. But nevertheless, your protection is still important. And little lantern can save your life or even life of the pedestrians.

I wish you big good luck! Enjoy riding the bicycle, my friend.

Amber Larson
Hello, I am Amber. I love sport and writing.
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