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America and Norway fight a close battle on  Day 2 of Hero MTB Himalaya

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80   //    30 Sep 2017, 23:44 IST

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Thomas Engelsjgerd (r) is the current stage leader

After the flagging off of Day 1 of the 13th Hero MTB Himalaya, with Thomas Engelsjgerd claiming the overall stage leader podium, day 2 witnessed spins in the luck of many riders.

In a turn of events on Stage 2 - Sutlej Symphony, Thomas Turner climbed up six spots from his 7th position yesterday to emerge as a stage winner on Day 2. He stands 5th in the overall standings now.

With a stage time of 3:25:00 and Engelsgjerd just a second behind on the gigantic 90km stage, the American showed some strong skills on the enduring track.

Stage 2 is arguably the most competitive stage of Hero MTB Himalaya. The stage featured a maximum elevation of 2666m and minimum elevation of 857m.

Ilda Pereira from Portugal overtook the winner of the last stage, Catherine Williamson, from the UK after successfully winning Stage 2 of the women's solo category.

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Stage 2 is arguably the most competitive stage of Hero MTB Himalaya

Ilda and Catherine have been competing against each other for the last two seasons and Catherine has won both of the encounters. The duo are repeat participants in the race and labelled it their favourite MTB expedition.

Antonio Noguera from Spain and Canadian, Cory Wallace, remained consistent in their performance, being ranked 3rd and 4th respectively.

Isaac Rai from the Shastra Seema Bal (SSB) team once again emerged as the first Indian to cross the finish line, improving four spots to be ranked 10th.



Top 5 (Overall)

Thomas Engelsgjerd (NORWAY) 06:05:41

Antonio Ortiz (SPAIN) 06:11:19

Adria Noguera (SPAIN) 06:15:06

Cory Wallace (CANADA) 06:20:49

Thomas Turner (USA) 06:33:03

Top 3 (Open Men Solo) Stage 2:

Thomas Turner (USA) 03:25:00

Thomas Engelsgjerd (NORWAY) 03:25:01

Antonio Ortiz Barranco (SPAIN) 03:27:39

Top 3 (Open Women Solo) Stage 2:

Ilda Pereira (PORTUGAL) - 04:17:05

Karen Hill (AUSTRALIA) - 04:24:56

Catherine Williamson (UK)- 04:26:03

Top 3 (Masters Solo) Stage 2:

Hans Planckaert (BELGIUM) 04:06:28

Wim Tollenaere (BELGIUM) 04:08:59

Jorge Padrones (SPAIN) 04:39:15

Top 2 (Team of Two) Stage 2:

Marco Fernandes & Nelson Madiera (PORTUGAL)- 04:26:02

Joaquim Santos & Paulo Fereiera (PORTUGAL)- 05:14:08

Winner (Grand Masters Solo) Stage 2:

Pedro Campos  (PORTUGAL) 05:18:27

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