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A bicycle that cannot be stolen

519   //    07 Aug 2015, 17:46 IST
The self-locking Yerka bike

 A new invention from Chile promises to do away with bike theft, reports The Telegraph. The Yerka bicycle looks like an ordinary bike, but can be dissembled to have the bottom tube split in half. 

This can then be hooped around a pole to secure the bike in place via the seat. 

Chilean inventors Cristóbal Cabello, Juan José Monsalve, and Andrés Roi Eggers set about conceptualising, designing and bringing the existence of the bicycle to fruition after Eggers suffered multiple bike thefts while a student at university. 

The friends raised money for their invention via a crowdfunding venture, and following the success of this they are set to release 300 bikes after production. They are affordable to riders, retailing at $500.

The wheel nuts in the bike also prevent theft as they can only be unlocked or loosened from the bike using a special key. If a thief were to attempt to release the bike from its secure position without the key, they would need to cut through the entire frame, which would make the bike unusable. 

Although the cycle has had its share of criticism, the makers say they intend to ‘answer those questions’ soon.

Watch the bike in action:

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