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Special Olympics Summer Games 2019, Player Profile: Nitesh Singh

85   //    12 Mar 2019, 16:57 IST

The mood is upbeat as Nitesh is focusing on his preparations for the World Games
The mood is upbeat as Nitesh is focusing on his preparations for the World Games

Nitesh did not cry at birth, however, nothing was observed following that, until he suffered a bout of severe food poisoning when he was one and a half years.

After that, he became very dull and refused to respond to anyone. As he grew, his behavior started to get aggressive. He would often pinch in anger. He would wander away. Once he lost his way and did not return home till late night.

Some people took him to the police station and when his parents reached police station, he was so scared that at first that he did not recognize them. His inability was often misunderstood to be non-compliance and he was punished for it by his mother.

She sometimes even beat him to discipline him. Nobody really understood him. He looked like everyone else.

His father who is self-employed and his mother who had to forfeit her endeavors to pay full attention to Nitesh, could not do more. They wondered what was wrong with him!

Nitesh had fears; he was scared of water bodies- seas, rivers; he was scared of an approaching ball! According to his parents, he was the last person to take to sports.

Nitesh Singh, 20 years, joined SO Bharat- Delhi in 2010 through Kulachi Manovikas Special School Delhi. He participated in Cycling and Badminton.

There was no limit to his excitement when he was selected as a probable in Cycling for the World Summer Games 2019.

His complete concentration, now, is on winning for his country at the games. Under the mentorship of his Coach Suresh Bisht, he does rigorous exercises in the mornings and practices cycling in the evening.


"I can see a drastic change in Nitesh He is very active, confident and happy. He wants to do everything up to the mark and properly. He has calmed down as well," says his mother

The mood is upbeat as he is focusing on his preparations for the World Games. It makes him happy and keeps him occupied. Talking about his dreams he says, it is to become a big officer and to have my own car some day.