3 best Sniper Rifles in PUBG Mobile Season 17

A recent PUBG Mobile update, Runic Power (PUBG Mobile via Facebook)
A recent PUBG Mobile update, Runic Power (PUBG Mobile via Facebook)

PUBG Mobile is arguably the best battle royale game of recent times, and like all other such titles, it is also about eliminating enemies and surviving till the end.

To win a match, players need to have good knowledge of the guns available. There are different types of weapons in PUBG Mobile, with Sniper Rifles being the category used for long-range fights.

Top three snipers in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has a unique range of snipers. They can be divided into two parts: Bolt Action Snipers and Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs).

The AWM, M24, and KAR-98 are known as Bolt Action Snipers. On the other hand, the Mini-14, MK14, and the SKS are examples of DMRs.

Here are the best such firearms in the game.

#1 - AWM (Arctic Warfare Super Magnum)

The AWM (Image via Pinterest)
The AWM (Image via Pinterest)

Base Damage: 120

Fire Rate: 1.85

Damage Per Second: 65

The AWM is the best sniper rifle as well as the best gun in PUBG Mobile. It is a magnum rifle, chambered typically for the .300 Winchester Magnum, and Level 3 armor cannot withstand it. It is the only gun in the game that can one-shot kill a player.

Players can only get this firearm from airdrops, making it a rare gun to obtain.

#2 - M24

The M24 (Image via Pinterest)
The M24 (Image via Pinterest)

Base Damage: 79

Fire Rate: 1.8

Damage Per Second: 49

The M24 is the second-best sniper in the game. This is also a bolt action gun, and although it can't one-shot a level three helmet, it still exerts a lot of damage on enemies.

The gun has comparatively better firing speed than other snipers. but the reload speed is slow. By attaching the Extended Quickdraw Magazine, players can increase the reload speed of the gun.

#3 - MK14

The MK14 (Image via Pinterest)
The MK14 (Image via Pinterest)

Base Damage: 61

Fire Rate: 0.090s

Damage Per Second: 678

While some players prefer bolt action guns as snipers, many others love to use DMRs over long ranges.

The specialty of the MK14 is that it is the only DMR in PUBG Mobile which can fire bullets in 'Auto' mode. This makes it equally useful for close combat. Two shots with the MK14 are enough to knock down enemies.

The MK14 is also an airdrop-only gun.


Players can watch this video to learn more about Sniper Rifles:


To learn more about DMRs, players can watch this video:


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