3 times streamers recorded paranormal activity on livestream

Image Credits: GameKing
Image Credits: GameKing
Rishabh B.

Very recently, we spoke about streamers who have been robbed on livestream. Quite a few of them were able to fight, while some got their stolen goods back. One woman even wrestled a robber to the ground and kept him there until police arrived and took him away! Needless to say, most of those streamers were able to react sufficiently well to each incident.

However, those were all situations that were created because of human beings. What happens when a person faces something he cannot even explain, let alone get away from? In this article, we look at three streamers who have caught what can only be called "paranormal activity," live on camera.

Three streamers who caught paranormal activity on camera


Nick "therubzy" Samson is a notable streamer with more than 100k subscribers on YouTube. He recently suffered through and survived coronavirus. As far as the incident is concerned, not a lot of streamers can claim to have a scarier one. If you don’t believe in ghosts, you will when you see this incident, and then the streamer’s explanation to what happened and how. It all began when viewers noticed a door closing and opening behind him, along with a light seemingly switching on and off.

After that, objects on the table started sliding left, right and center. He even got up, switched the light off, only for it to turn on a couple of times again. The incident did not look at all fake, and was genuinely scary. He posted the following explanation video in July. The explanation is that there was a ghost, plain and simple – or at least, that's what it seemed. You can watch the entire incident in the video at the end of the article.



SirGaryTube is a YouTuber who posts Pokemon-related gameplay and videos. He has around 3.48k subscribers on YouTube. What's spooky about this incident is that you can see the door closing behind the streamer on its own. He hears the noise, and then gets up to check around the house.

Once he is out of the room, users can see the door closing on its own! SirGaryTube might not be the most popular of streamers, but the incident was surely dumbfounding. You can watch the incident in the video below.



micleore, whose real name is Michel, was playing Fortnite with his friend on stream. However, he heard a noise in his house, and decided to leave the stream and check up on it. He can be seen walking away from the camera, and does not return for a long time.

What's spooky about it? Well, only the fact that Michel’s character kept on following his friend’s even after he had stopped playing. You can watch the incident in the video below. You can see some other streamers who have seemingly recorded ghosts, as well, including the first incident mentioned in this article.


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