5 streamers who got robbed during a livestream

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Rishabh B.

In the past, we've seen some hilarious moments pertaining to streamers. Some have been caught flirting live, while others simply forgot their camera was on. Regardless, we've seen some tragedies and near tragedies as well, with some streamers even being caught in near-death situations.

With such a high number of streamers streaming a large part of their day, there are bound to be mishaps along the way. In this article, we look at five streamers who got robbed during their livestreams.

Couple’s equipment gets snatched

The first incident follows a couple walking at night through the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. The girl can be seen browsing her phone, when a man in a green jacket walks up to her and tries to snatch their equipment away. The couple fights back, but the man is able to escape with their stuff.

Image Credits: LiveStreamFails,
Image Credits: LiveStreamFails,

However, the thief is caught further down the street by a couple of police officers. The streamers find them, and are able to get their equipment back. Unlike some other streamers on this list, they were lucky enough to get their stuff back!


Well, this incident is scary, and unfortunate. We can see Twitch streamer Sajedene stream Dota gameplay on the screen, when all of a sudden she hears loud noises in her house. As it turns out, a robber manages to enter the house and steals a lot of her things at gun point.

You can see the entire incident caught on video below:


Man’s equipment gets stolen

The next streamer was walking alone in a street in Vietnam, when a stranger walked up to him to warn him about the area. Apparently, the street was controlled by the area's mafia, and they would regularly attack foreigners to steal their things.

As it turned out, the streamer brushed the matter off and continued his adventure. Soon however, a man in a moped came and snatched his equipment away. You can watch the incident, in addition to the one mentioned first in the list, in the video below. Talk about unlucky.


Female streamer takes down robber

This incident is as glorious as it is unfortunate. We can see a female streamer playing GTA, when she hears the breaking of glass from the back. She gets up, sees that a robber has entered the house, and instead of being scared, decides to tackle him to the ground.

Unlike what one would expect from most streamers caught off-guard, this streamer was unfazed. Viewers can listen to the argument away from screen, as she keeps him down until police arrives at her house. You can watch the entire incident in the video at the end of the article.

Man runs away with streamer’s camera, streams himself

Well, here we see a streamer walking out of a store, when suddenly a man from the back rushes towards him. The man, wearing a white and orange jacket, snatches his phone, and begins running away.

Of course, he did not have the time to switch off the stream, which leaves viewers with some 'running thief' footage, and cries of anguish in the background. You can watch the above incident in the video below, along with incidents pertaining to some other streamers


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