4 Things Every Modern Open World Games Should Implement to Keep Things Interesting

Days Gone
Days Gone
Modified 30 Apr 2019
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Open world games have been the most popular genre of video games this generation. With the power of Xbox One and PS4, developers have been able to take the much needed technical leap and create a living breathing world which players can freely explore on their own will.

As tempting as it may sound, the huge increase in the number of open world games have only decreased the genre's importance as well as the quality we have known to love and expect from games of such scope.

As Sony Bend's zombie open-world shooter Days Gone released just a couple of days ago to a mixed reception, I started scrutinizing as to why the majority of open world games lately have failed to impress its audience. I stumbled upon various factors that affected it such as the depth of the open world, repetitive design, the emptiness of the world, side contents squashed in to add more hours, etc.

However, all of these issues can be fixed if the game developers focused only on four things. Four things that can make open world games great. Here's hoping that the game devs take are taking notes and emphasis more on the things I'm going to mention in the next generation of games that will grace us in the years to come.

#1. No Minimap/GPS:-


As absurd as it may sound, it would be really interesting if developers completely removed mini maps from their open world games. Open world games are all about immersing players into their worlds. If a mini map is taking a huge chunk of that world, and players spend majority of the time staring at it rather than taking in all the beauty the game has to offer then its better to just remove them completely. Some people may argue that there are titles that gives the players to option to customize HUD according to their pleasure, but think about the amount of possiblities and the sense of exploration a game would provide if a game completely removes the GPS and mini-map, and design the game's environment in such a way that players organically discover the areas and reach their destination by following signs, talking to NPCs or by just following the direction of sun. Imagine how cool would that be and how much players would be immersed in the game world while going from point A to point B?

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Published 30 Apr 2019
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