5 best games like COD Mobile with Zombies

Best Zombie game alternatives for COD Mobile (Image via Activision)
Best Zombie game alternatives for COD Mobile (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) provides a plethora of in-game features alongside a high-end shooter gaming experience. Gamers get plenty of choices in terms of guns as there are several upgradable weapon classes. Players can also use the specifically modified weapon blueprints across several maps and modes.

COD Mobile has various multiplayer modes with multiple permanent and temporary sub-modes across a massive library of MP maps from other famous Call of Duty games. Apart from the multiplayer mode, COD Mobile offers an immersive battle royale mode with high-octane action with multiple BR features.


Besides BR and MP, the higher-end shooter gamer offers an intense "Zombies" mode. Also known as Undead Siege, the mode features several Zombies attacking the players, and one will have to survive different waves to come out victorious, which makes the mode quite enthralling.

Users can collect supplies and guns and employ machine gun-like weaponry to kill off zombies for survival. Apart from these primary weapons, several power-ups and skills help users survive the attack of the undead in COD Mobile.

COD Mobile: The best alternatives if players are looking to fight Zombies

COD Mobile's "Zombies" mode (Image via Activision)
COD Mobile's "Zombies" mode (Image via Activision)

No matter how intense, horror-inducing, and full of adrenaline rush the COD Mobile's "Zombies" mode is, it is still not favorable for many users who want to battle Zombies.

It doesn't make much sense for users to download more than 2.1 GB of resources (without additional packages) specifically for the "Zombies" mode (especially the Android users).

Thus, players should look for alternatives if they are looking to fight the Zombies solely. Here are some of the appropriate mobile shooter game options that exclusively feature Zombies so that players can have their daily dose of horror and thrill at the same time:

1) Dead Trigger 2: Zombie Games


A sequel to Dead Trigger, this game is among the most highly-rated Zombie games on the Google Play Store. As of this writing, the game holds an average rating of 4.6, which is quite fitting considering its features.

It has over 110 missions with FPS settings, and players can build their hideouts in the game. The game also allows users to have a dialog with in-game NPCs like Gunsmith, Scientist, Smuggler, Medic, and Engineer.

Moreover, Dead Trigger 2 offers over 70 weapons, more than 600 scenarios for battles, 33 battlefields, 10 unlockable regions, and many more.

2) Unkilled - Zombie FPS Shooter


Having over 10 million Google Play installs and an average rating of 4.2, Unkilled is another excellent Zombie shooter game. The quality of the game is quite impressive as it shares the developers with the Dead Trigger series.

In Unkilled, players can opt to play PvP or co-op matches online or resort to solo combat missions. There are over 40 options in weaponry across five categories to finish off the Zombies.

The game also has various customization options in terms of characters and guns.

3) Dead Target: Offline Games


Dead Target is another futuristic post-apocalyptic Zombie survival shooter that one can play online and offline. Like many popular games like COD Mobile, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and BGMI, Dead Target offers a Battle Pass subscription for users to acquire in-game skins.

It boasts an average rating of 4.2 on Google Play and offers several in-game features like unlockable achievements, different Zombie games, over 50 weapons, offline mode, and many more.

4) Zombeast: Zombie Shooter


The fourth entry on this list, Zombeast, with a Google Play rating of 4.3, is another alternative for COD mobile if players want to fight off the undead monsters exclusively. The story-driven strategy-based Zombie survival shooter is quite engaging if players can progress quickly from the initial stages.

They train harder in the game to work on their skills and play multiple offline modes to battle hard against the army of undead. The FPS shooter game provides various types of Zombies that come at loggerheads with gamers during a specific scenario.

5) MAD ZOMBIES: Dead Rising


Mad Zombies is the final entry on this list that players can download from App Store and Google Play. It has a decent rating of 4.0 on the Play Store, with good reviews.

In terms of missions, one can unlock more than a mammoth 200 missions featuring different scenarios. These missions are fought in several fictional US regions.

Players can use a plethora of heavy weapons to fight against various undead monsters.

Note: The list is not in any particular order and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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