5 best horror games that need to be included in PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium

PlayStation has a plethora of spooks and horrors (Image via Home Sweet Home and Silent Hill 2)
PlayStation has a plethora of spooks and horrors (Image via Home Sweet Home and Silent Hill 2)
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PlayStation Plus will soon have three tiers to choose from. The Essential tier functions similarly to PS Plus in its present form, whereas the Extra and Premium tiers will provide access to lots of additional titles. Other features of PS Plus Premium include the ability to download PS1, PS2, and PSP games as well as play PS3 games through cloud streaming.

The PlayStation Plus brand has been kept. However, all connections to PlayStation Now have been fully merged into the new and better PlayStation Plus model. Players will still be able to play various vintage titles from different PlayStation periods, but they will need to subscribe.

Despite delivering some of the most distinctive experiences in video games, horror games usually share the spotlight among massive AAA releases. Although the PC has more horror games, the PlayStation has a plethora of spooks and horrors.

Here are the five best horror games that need to be included in PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium

5) Home Sweet Home


Home Sweet Home is a creepy psychological thriller that relies on mythology and traditions to create suspense. Players control Tim, who is on a mission to rescue his wife. The game is all on stealth and hiding. If the spirits or devils discover the player in the hiding spot, they can use a fast time event to flee, or they will be slain, and the game will restart at the last save point.

Exploration is also crucial, which is aided by the fact that many locations are free of threats. Players must solve riddles while escaping evil spirits to complete the game. In addition, Home Sweet Home is culturally authentic. The game includes spirit homes, which are common and favorable in Thailand.

4) Condemned 2: Bloodshot


The original Condemned centered on a mystery disease that plagued Metro City's citizens, changing them into bloodthirsty psychos. The second game starts in which the first one left off. In this game, players take control of an ex-FBI detective. Dark horror elements are combined with first-person shooting techniques and a scientific crime investigation element.

Condemned 2 enables hand-to-hand fighting with the player's bare hands, with the left and right triggers operating the player character's left and right fists, respectively, unlike the original game. Ethan's alcoholism adds a new wrinkle to the firearms battles since it causes his aim to become fuzzy and unstable unless he drinks often.

3) Kuon


Kuon is a fantastic PS2 horror game. The gameplay takes place in a strange atmosphere with a sinister tale that seems almost surreal. Its ambient sound rather than music gives Kuon a more comprehensive feel that hooks players in. This PS2 classic deserves a place in PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium.

The plot centers on Sakuya, a teenage student of exorcist Doman Ashiya, tasked with researching a cursed manor. Kuon is a survival horror video game in which the player takes on the roles of Utsuki, Sakuya, and Abe no Seimei as they explore Fujiwara Manor's buildings and grounds.

From an above third-person fixed perspective, the characters are visible. During gameplay, players wander the house on a stroll, with the ability to sprint. However, this increases the danger of drawing enemies.

2) F.E.A.R


F.E.A.R. is a straight-up first-person shooter that manages to be terrifying while also delivering engaging gameplay that doesn't detract from the game's key suspense elements.

Gameplay is based on a bullet-time motion mechanism that is practical and enjoyable, especially when paired with the game's ragdoll physics engine. The game's clever AI, which is considered highly innovative, is one of the game's most significant design aspects.

Reflex time is a significant gameplay feature that stops the game environment but enables players to shoot and interact at regular speeds. The character's extraordinary capabilities are simulated using this effect. Bullets in flight that produce air displacement or combine with the game's particle effects depict reflex time with stylized special effects.

1) Silent Hill 2


The first Silent Hill game may have begun as a stunning horror classic for the PlayStation. However, the sequel is where it thrives. Silent Hill 2 is a psychological horror game that ranks among the finest. Surreal and scary images influence the game's gameplay. When the game was released in 2001, it was positively welcomed.

Silent Hill 2 places players in the shoes of James Sunderland, who has arrived in Silent Hill to look for his presumed-deceased wife after getting a letter from her. The game contains numerous endings based on the player's decisions, featuring a well-known hidden conclusion in which James realizes that the game's genius is a dog.

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