5 of the best online PC games of 2020

(Picture Credits: Early Game)
(Picture Credits: Early Game)

The online multiplayer game has emerged as one of the most popular genres in gaming history. Some of the most successful and popular games today fall in the online multiplayer genre. This popularity has grown so significantly that even single-player games like Doom and GTA now ship with an online component to stay competitive in the market.

Online multiplayer games offer countless hours of replayability that other single-player experiences might lack. They are also an easy buy due to their increasingly good value for money.

This is why games like Call of Duty Black Ops IV released without a single-player campaign at all. Activision explained that their resources would be better utilised in developing the online multiplayer component instead.

In this article, we take a look at five of the best online multiplayer games that you can play in 2020.

5 of the best online multiplayer games of 2020

5) Star Wars Squadrons


Star Wars Squadrons is an upcoming online game confirmed for an October release date. The game will have a single-player campaign but the majority of the players will likely buy the game for its online component.

Space dogfights are one of the major selling points of the Star Wars games, and Star Wars Squadrons looks to fulfil players' demands for a quality space-combat game.

4) Minecraft Dungeons


Minecraft has already established itself as a major phenomenon in gaming history and is the second highest-selling videogame of all time. However, that doesn't mean that Mojang is resting on its laurels.

Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon crawler inspired by the classics and leans towards the action/adventure genre a bit more. The game is available for Xbox One as well as PC.

3) Hyper Scape


Hyper Scape, which is the newest offering from Ubisoft, is a battle royale game with an emphasis on verticality and speed.

Fans of the genre will enjoy Hyper Scape as it is significantly different from its contemporaries and offers a much faster experience than its competitors.

The open beta for Hyper Scape is currently live, and you can download the game for free from the official website.

2) Valorant


Riot Games' first foray into the arena shooter genre comes in the form of Valorant. This game is a tactical first-person shooter that rewards methodical play over the standard run-and-gun.

Valorant is one of the best online multiplayer experiences you can play in 2020 and it is free to play. The shooting mechanics have been optimised brilliantly, making for an extremely responsive FPS experience.

1) Call of Duty: Warzone


Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play battle royale game by Activision and builds on the fantastic gunplay of Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

The shooting mechanics are as brilliant as you would expect. The game map is extremely large, with a large number of players in each session. The game rewards the signature fast and reflex-based style of Call of Duty.

Warzone is an endlessly fun game by Activision, save for the ridiculously large updates.

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