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5 best open-world games like GTA 5 for lower-end PCs

It is now extremely easy to find these games for cheap or on sale (Image Credits: KonTsaf13, YouTube)
It is now extremely easy to find these games for cheap or on sale (Image Credits: KonTsaf13, YouTube)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 29 Oct 2020, 13:58 IST

Gaming hardware is now more accessible than ever, with decent set-ups priced at more comfortable rates. However, gamers are usually attached to the equipment they own, and parting ways with their laptop or desktop can be hard.

Therefore, players will often find themselves looking for quality games that can run on lower-end hardware. Given that games, both old and new, are easily available through services like Steam, it is now extremely easy to find these games for cheap or on sale.

5 of the best open-world games like GTA 5 for lower-end PCs

1) Mafia 2

Mafia 2 isn't an open-world game in the same way as GTA 5 as it focuses more on the storytelling aspects of the game than providing gamers with an expansive and large open-world map to explore.

Instead, the map in Mafia 2 is a lot more smaller with fewer icons on the screen, and the player has very little incentive to explore the city.

Having said that, exploration in Mafia 2 is incentivized by the sheer quality of the world itself. The city of Empire Bay is one of the most fully-realized charming locations in the history of video games, and players will often find themselves thoroughly enjoying the beautiful locales that are rich with personality and detail.

The story is the real winner in Mafia 2 as it will leave a lasting impression on the player.


2) The Godfather

The Godfather doesn't seem like a movie that is fit for a video game adaptation but Visceral Games made one great decision that elevated the game to a great degree. The choice to have the user play as a character who worked in the shadows to set key events from the film into motion was simply ingenious.

The game, as a result, is a great introduction to the fascinating world created by Mario Puzo and is one of the most underrated games of that generation. The game is held in high regard as one of the better movie-licensed games.

The open world might not be as expansive as GTA but it is certainly functional and will have players hooked for hours on end.

3) Just Cause 2


The original Just Cause was a decent game but Avalanche would capitalize on the game's true potential with the sequel, Just Cause 2. The game was exceptionally charming right from the start and had no qualms about being a light-hearted and an almost-slapstick type of action game.

Avalanche focused on key areas to make the game accessible to a large audience and keep the gameplay loop engaging. The studio succeeded on all fronts and delivered an instant classic with Just Cause 2.

In terms of gameplay and sheer fun, only a handful of titles can ever match the Just Cause franchise.

4) The Saboteur

The Saboteur is one of the most underrated games of its time and deserves a second chance from gamers as it still holds up quite well. Players take control of an Irishman in Paris and must work to liberate the city from its Nazi oppressors.

The Saboteur's visual brilliance is second to none as its intuitive use of color to indicate the liberation of districts is extremely well done. The game is extremely well-made and one of the more polished releases from EA at the time.


The game should be discussed more often as it is one of the most underrated titles that EA has ever published.

5) Assassin's Creed II

If players have had their fill of modern cityscapes in open-world games, perhaps a trip down to Rennaisance-era Italy might just be the kind of break they need. Assassin's Creed II is not just the consensus best game in the series but is also one of the best games of all time.

The open-world gameplay of Assassin's Creed II worked to perfection as Ubisoft managed to weave an engaging story that had players fall head over heels for Ezio. The story is equal parts emotional as it is charming and exhilarating, making for one of the best gaming stories ever told.

The gameplay was a giant step-up from the original Assassin's Creed, and players will be hard-pressed to find more fulfilling open-world titles.

Published 29 Oct 2020, 13:58 IST
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