5 DLC-sized mods for Chrono Trigger that players should try

Romhacks and mods aren't new, but Chrono Trigger has some exceptional ones worth playing (Image via Sportskeeda)
Romhacks and mods aren't new, but Chrono Trigger has some exceptional ones worth playing (Image via Sportskeeda)

After discussing Final Fantasy-themed DLC romhacks and mods, it is only fair to also discuss one of the best games of all time: Chrono Trigger. There are mountains of mods, hacks, and fangames for Chrono Trigger with all kinds of perspectives. Some are simply re-translations, while others adjust the difficulty, or give the characters in the game more depth.

There are so many to try, but some of these mods are simply better than others. They do not have to be completely rewritten versions of the game to be worth a play either, but some genuinely go that deep.


What makes a Chrono Trigger mod worth playing?

Chrono Trigger is as close to a perfect RPG as any fan will get. It is a beautiful story, with memorable characters, challenging battles, and unforgettable music. Though there are some difficult points in the game, one of its few flaws is that it is on the easy side.

Released in March 1995, the classic Chrono Trigger puts the silent hero, Chrono, in the wrong place at the right time. Stumbling into Marle (Princess Nadia), he undergoes a wild time-traveling series of events that lead him and his friends into a battle for the survival of the planet.

They ultimately do battle with a space parasite, Lavos, who breaks free of its slumber in 1999 to devastate the surface of the planet.

Chrono Trigger romhacks to try

  • Jets of Time Randomizer
  • Schala Edition
  • Chrono Trigger Hard Type (Lavos' Awakening)
  • Prophet's Guile
  • Flames of Eternity

Some of these games fundamentally change how the game is approached, and others can create whole new stories in this universe for fans to experience.

5) Jets of Time Randomizer

Over the years, there have been a few randomizers for this game, but none are as challenging and fun as Jets of Time. Like Final Fantasy IV: Free Enterprise, it is an open-world randomizer, where players start with a mode of travel (the Epoc) and a few time periods to get to.

Ultimately, the goal is to get to the end of the game, either by fighting one of the various Lavos fights or by fighting Queen Zeal, depending on the settings. Players start with a pair of characters and the Epoch and have a number of paths that open up, depending on what key items they get. That is what makes the randomizer such a joy.


A flowchart is available that shows what players can do in this randomizer, depending on what they see and unlock through a playthrough. Players have so many different ways to approach the game, making each playthrough a unique, fun experience.

4) Schala Edition

Chrono Trigger is all about time travel, so why not save one of the more beloved characters over the course of the game? This mod is based on saving Schala, Magus’ sister from 12,000 BC. In the events of this romhack, she can be rescued and interacted with, changing some of the game for the better.

It also has an expanded, improved translation of the original, as well as new techs, items, enemies, and dungeons. There are a ton of surprises in this particular romhack, and while it does not feature CT’s New Game+ mode, it is still a satisfying, enjoyable run.


There are new locations on the map, and there are lots of little improvements, like the 1000 AD Guardia Forest roadblock being removed; it serves no purpose, really. It is a wonderful mod, and provides an enjoyable time.

3) Chrono Trigger: Hard Type (Lavos’ Awakening)

One of the downsides of the game is that the base game is frankly, incredibly easy. This is where Chrono Trigger: Hard Type comes into play. The mod forces players to consider playing the game in new, different ways.


Many of the monsters, items, and techs are rebalanced, and there is a bigger emphasis put on combo techs (Dual/Triple). These do way more damage, and they become far more viable. Not everyone is keen on the difficulty mods, and this one does not disappoint.

No matter how good players think they are at Chrono Trigger, this game will put their assumption to the test.

2) Prophet’s Guile

Players have a particular fondness for Magus. He is a character driven to do desperate, mad things in order to save his sister and put the world right. This particular mod focuses on Janus and his rise into becoming the Archfiend Magus.


Taking place right after the first battle with Magus in Chrono Trigger, he gets thrown back to his original time, 12,000 BC, where he traverses the path to become “The Prophet.” It is not an exceptionally long romhack, but it tells the story of Magus in such a unique way.

It creates a bit more sympathy for the character and helps build the magical world of Zeal.

1) Flames of Eternity

Flames of Eternity is the end-all, be-all of Chrono Trigger romhacks and mods. It’s a hugely ambitious project that helps bridge the gap between the original game and Chrono Cross. It feels like an entirely new game, while also being true to the original release, and that is a fine line to walk.

It follows Magus after the collapse of the Kingdom of Zeal. It provides an enjoyable story, and while it may not be the greatest story ever told, it is a worthwhile experience.

Flames of Eternity is the finished version of another romhack, Crimson Echoes. It does have a little bit of controversy attached to it, unfortunately.


Flames of Eternity was built on top of a previous romhack that was shut down by Square Enix - Crimson Echoes. Despite that, it is an incredible and challenging version of CT, adding a lot to the original romhack.

This is just a handful of the best Chrono Trigger romhacks that have appeared over the years. Some of the most popular RPGs on the SNES have had romhacks and modifications over the years, and this is just one of the many. They are all fun and interesting for their own reasons and are worth a try.

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