5 great Game Boy Color games that should come to Nintendo Switch Online

Return to the good old days by revisiting some great GBC games that should come to Nintendo Switch Online (Image via Nintendo)
Return to the good old days by revisiting some great GBC games that should come to Nintendo Switch Online (Image via Nintendo)

The Game Boy Color is one of Nintendo's most cherished handhelds. It was a big upgrade over the original Game Boy, literally adding new depth and dimension to games both new and old. The more powerful hardware saw the release of some great games that wowed from a technical perspective and had solid gameplay. With the Nintendo Switch being the latest portable so far, long-time fans have been feeling nostalgic reminiscing over older games and systems.

As such, the publisher's Nintendo Switch Online service has been updating the catalog with more retro games from their lineup. So far, we have seen NES, SNES, and N64 games. However, rumors suggest the Game Boy could be added in the future. So here are five great Game Boy Color (GBC) games that would make for amazing additions to the Nintendo Switch Online library.

Take a look at some of the most acclaimed Game Boy Color games out there

1) Pokemon Crystal


The second generation of Pokemon was a noticeable step up in every regard, from the visuals and design to polish and content. Pokemon Gold and Silver raised the bar for monster taming games, and Crystal refined them even further. The 2001 enhanced version added a new subplot about the legendary Pokemon Suicune as well as the battle tower as players aim to become the Pokemon Master.

With many new Pokemon to discover, improved mechanics, and quality of life features, it one-ups Red and Blue in every way. All in all, it's arguably the best RPG on the platform, especially since it's got two regions in one game, Johto and Kanto.

2) Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons


Developed by Capcom's Flagship studio, the Oracle duology is one of the more underrated ones in the long-running action-adventure series. Both feature similar gameplay but slightly different designs as far as items, dungeons, and layouts go. Ages is more puzzle driven, and Season opts for an action-oriented approach.

The former transports Link to Labrynna, while the latter takes him to Holodrum. Both tell different stories as well. Fans of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening will find a lot to love here, and the Oracle games deserve a lot more attention.

3) Shantae


One of the most visually impressive Game Boy games out there, Shantae from Wayforward is a solid platformer too. Released in 2002 as the platform's swansong, it tells the tale of a half-genie named Shantae. She must retrieve the elemental stones stolen by Risky and her gang of pirates.

The game is a platformer that has Shantae navigate through levels, whipping enemies with her hair and utilizing various powerups against bosses. The series has seen eventual releases on newer platforms that continue to embody the essence of Shantae, but she will forever be known as a Game Boy classic.

4) Wario Land 3


Nintendo's Wario Land games feature the pot-bellied Wario and his adventures to find more riches. Wario Land 3 was released in 2001, and the game sees the anti-hero sucked into a magical music box filled with treasures.

This 2D platformer journey has him navigate non-linear levels as he jumps and dashes into foes to take them out and collect keys and powerups to progress. Different items and foes will have different effects on Wario, like a donut increasing his weight (and endurance), while flame enemies set him on fire and send him dashing in an uncontrolled frenzy. It is pretty crazy overall and suits the humorous theme.

5) Metal Gear: Ghost Babel


Konami's renowned stealth series has seen entries across many platforms at this point, and the Game Boy Color is one of them. Acting as a sequel to the original Metal Gear (note: not Solid, but rather the original game for the MSX2 platform), 2000's Ghost Babel is a top-down stealth game. Solid Snake is brought out of retirement after GLF was reported to have a new Metal Gear under them. Players can move in eight directions and so can foes.

Snake can explore each level freely but must avoid detection by surveillance tools or patrolling guards. The narrative follows the codec format and is surprisingly gripping for a handheld title. The same can be said for gameplay, as players can slink into the shadows and distract enemies, ghost around them, or ambush them. The game was undoubtedly ahead of its time.

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