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5 highest earning and most beautiful female pro gamers in the world

Here is a list of five incredibly attractive female professional gamers.

Top 5 / Top 10 16 Feb 2017, 16:38 IST
Sasha Hostyn is a transgender female gamer

The video gaming industry was never expected to be a lucrative career option. However, over the years, the scenario has changed drastically. Although the so-called sports enthusiasts do not regard video games to be any kind of sport, the truth is, several gamers walk away with big prize money, often, more than what many eminent sports stars earn.

The scenario has not only changed monetary-wise but also the image of the gamers. The general stereotype is that gamers are bespectacled nerds, who are, more often than not, obese, ugly guys. However, this stereotype does not apply anymore. Most of the gamers are dashing and cool and even women are taking up gaming as a profession.

On that note, here we list five gamers, who are incredibly beautiful and will easily make you eat dust.

# Sasha Hostyn (Special mention)

Canadian gamer Sasha Hostyn is one of the most popular female gamers in the world. She has participated in most major competitions under her gaming name, Scarlett. While she is best known for her skills in StarCraft II, she is also adept in playing Dota 2.

She has won huge cash prizes worth up to $100,000. However, the fact that she is a transgender woman has led to harassment as well. However, she is very beautiful and can give you a tough time playing StarCraft or Dota 2.

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