5 satisfying combos in the Final Fantasy franchise

Final Fantasy has many great weapon and skill combinations, but which are the most fun to use? (Image via Square Enix)
Final Fantasy has many great weapon and skill combinations, but which are the most fun to use? (Image via Square Enix)

Final Fantasy’s various in-game systems and mechanics can lead to overpowered and incredibly satisfying combos. They typically inflict incredible amounts of damage that would normally not be possible. Combos like this can be created either using spells and equipment or perhaps magical items like Materia.


Which combos are the most fun to use in Final Fantasy?

This list could just be filled with FFVII materia combos, and that would be it. There are other combos that are worth mentioning, so perhaps a later list will feature just Final Fantasy VII. Any of the games in the Final Fantasy franchise could make this list, and it’s not the best combos of all time.

This is just a list of combos across the franchise that are fun and satisfying to pull off in the game. Some might be a little time-consuming, or be useful only in particular situations, but they are ‌worth knowing about. Some of them completely break the game they’re in, making bosses after the fact all too easy.

Satisfying Final Fantasy combos

  • Quick Spell + Genji Glove + Offering (FFVI)
  • Dark Shock + Level 5 Doom/Level 2 Old (FFV)
  • Monk Job + Squire Job + Two Swords Innate (FFT)
  • Aura Spell + Zell’s Limit Break (FFVIII)
  • Knights of the Round Materia, Mime Materia x6, Magic Counter Materia x7, HP MP Materia (FFVII)

5) Quick Spell + Genji Glove + Offering (FFVI)


This is an incredibly easy-to-use combo that grants a character the ability to strike 16 times in one turn. In Final Fantasy VI, the Genji Glove relic can be found in many places, and can even be farmed from enemies. The Offering can be found in the Ancient Palace in a trapped treasure chest.

The Quick Spell can also be found there, on Raiden Esper. This combo is very simple. You give the two relics to a character with incredibly high physical attack (or maxed HP and two Atma Weapons).

In any important battle, cast Quick, which grants the character two combat choices per round. It can be used well on any melee character, except perhaps Umaro. If a player is looking to hit for 9999 16 times on any boss, including Kefka at the end of the game, this is the way to do it.

4) Dark Shock + Level 5 Doom/Level 2 Old (FFV)


One thing that makes Final Fantasy V so incredible is that status ailments actually work on bosses! Many of the hardest bosses in the game can be demolished via a few clever uses of status ailments and Blue Magic. In this case, it’s Dark Shock, and Level 5 Doom/Level 2 Old.

Dark Shock cuts the target's level in half, making them more susceptible to the various 'Death by Maths' moves in Final Fantasy V. For example, Atomos can be defeated by Dark Shock + Level 5 Doom, killing the comet-spewing gateway quickly and easily. This requires the target to eventually get reduced to a level that is a multiple of 5.

For other targets, Level 2 Old works just as well. When used on an opponent, it gradually reduces their Speed and Level down to 1, making them a trivial encounter. Level 2 Old can be used in the first Exdeath encounter, which is a very difficult fight for many players in the game.

3) Monk Job + Squire Job + Two Swords Innate (FFT)


This ‌combo requires very little grinding in Final Fantasy Tactics, and doesn’t need a single expensive weapon to be equipped in order to work. This works perhaps best for Ramza, allowing him to crush some of the hardest fights in the game entirely on his own.

The Monk job has incredibly high physical attack and requires no weapons. It is paired with Squire, to ‌spam skills like Accumulate, Yell, or Shout. These increase physical stats for when the character is nowhere near an enemy. Finally, you give them the innate of Two Swords from Ninja.

With a high enough PA (Physical Attack), Ramza, or any other Monk, is going to slam foes twice for hundreds of damage. This is a terrific way to cheat out the Wiegraf boss battle. Players need to just run away and spam Yell until they have several turns before Wiegraf can act. Players will then need to start spamming Accumulate, and batter him in one attack.

2) Aura Spell + Zell’s Limit Break (FFVIII)


Frankly, this can work with Irvine or any other hard-hitting Limit Break in Final Fantasy VIII. It’s also incredibly simple and perhaps the easiest of ‌these combos. Simply cast Aura onto the desired character - in this case, Zell Dincht.

From there, just keep passing turn over and over until Zell has his Limit Break. The next step is to just be very good at Zell’s limit break, and slam foes with tons of damage. This can be done again and again, for as long as Aura is on, since it grants the ability to trigger Limit Breaks without being in Critical HP.

1) Knights of the Round Materia, Mime Materia x6, Magic Counter Materia x7, HP MP Materia (FFVII)


This combo takes so much grinding and so much work, but it’s hilarious to do so in the game. Is it over the top and time consuming? Of course it is. It involves Knights of the Round in Final Fantasy VII. Knights of the Round is the most powerful summon in the game, and sends all 13 knights after enemies.

It takes forever to watch though, and this only makes it worse. In order to cast 7 versions of Knights of the Round, attach 7 Magic Counter materia to 6 Mime materia and the HP MP Materia. This ensures that the player has enough mana to make this happen.

Pairing this with Knights of the Round, it can deal nearly 1M damage in one go. It takes a nightmarish eternity to cast, but it is worth it.


This is only a small fraction of the combos that players can use in the various Final Fantasy games. In Final Fantasy XIII, there are powerful combos of characters, and Final Fantasy VII has so many materia combos that are overpowered, it could be its very own list.

FFVI can go with Quick, Economizer, and Gem Box to cast Ultima 4 times for 4 mana in one turn as well. With time and patience, players can virtually break any Final Fantasy game.