5 streamers who get simped on the most

Some of the most popular streamers find themselves having to deal with an army of adoring simps (Images via Neekolul, Pokimane and Valkyrae/Twitter)
Some of the most popular streamers find themselves having to deal with an army of adoring simps (Images via Neekolul, Pokimane and Valkyrae/Twitter)

Twitch streamers are often adored by their fans, sometimes too much. While there is nothing wrong with appreciating your favorite content creators, there is a line where that appreciation crosses over into obsession. This is where the stans and simps come in.

When it comes to streaming, simps are overly dedicated fans that are physically attracted and/or are romantically interested in their favorite streamer, often watching them for hours and even donating large amounts of money.

While channels of all sizes can have their instances of overly dedicated fans, it's typically the big streamers who are thought of when the topic of simps comes up. In this list, we look at five of the biggest streamers that have a large simp contingent in their fan bases.

5 streamers who have the highest number of simps

1) Dream


Dream is perhaps the biggest Minecraft YouTuber and streamer today, and boasts over 29 million subscribers on his primary channel alone. Little is known about Dream's personal life, including his appearance. To this day, the content creator is yet to reveal his face to his fans.

Remaining faceless has not hindered his growth. In fact, it may have added to his appeal, similarly to Corpse Husband. Social media is flooded with dedicated Dream stans, which often leads to simping.

2) Neekolul


Nicole "Neekolul" began streaming on Twitch in 2017, but her career didn't take off until 2020 when she posted the "OK Boomer" TikTok in support of Bernie Sanders' U.S. Presidential campaign. While TikTok was divisive, both for its political message and discussion of it being "cringe," more eyes were on Neekolul than ever.

A good chunk of fan engage with her streams, and social media accounts have been simps calling her attractive and trying to flirt with her. When she shared the news that she had a boyfriend on Twitter, many unfollowed her, around 65,000 within 48 hours.

Her streaming career continued to take off, and she signed with 100 Thieves in 2021, challenging the next streamer for the crown of "The Queen of Simps."

3) Pokimane


Imane "Pokimane" is probably the first streamer that comes to mind when discussing streamers with fan bases full of simps. As the most popular female streamer on Twitch, she receives countless donations and subscriptions from fans that would be categorized as simps.

While she doesn't feed into or encourage her simps, she has been accused of hiding her relationship status by Drama Alert host Keemstar. Keem said that she had a boyfriend that the public did not know about and that she was hiding his existence to keep her simp fans happy.

There is no indication that Pokimane is trying to appeal to simps. Instead, the said army seems to have manifested naturally.

4) Sykkuno


Thomas "Sykkuno" is a bit of a rarity, as he is a male streamer with a large female fan base. Not only do some fans find him physically attractive, but his shy demeanor and wholesome personality have added to his appeal.

Sykkuno has had many interactions with other female streamers where they would flirt with him and he would respond by becoming flustered. There is a joke among male viewers that women aren't into Sykkuno "that way," but it often seems like that couldn't be further from the truth.

5) Valkyrae


Rachell "Valkyrae" is one of the biggest female streamers out there. While she is now on YouTube Gaming instead of Twitch, she still has a dedicated fan base and maintains a large viewer count.

As one of the largest female streamers out there, she also has an army of simps on social media and donating to her in her chat. While Valkyrae has a significantly larger female audience than some other big streamers, she has many simps, both male and female.

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