5 most successful Pokemon in the Trading Card Game

The Pokemon Trading Card Game was as entertaining as it was iconic (Image via The Pokemon Company)
The Pokemon Trading Card Game was as entertaining as it was iconic (Image via The Pokemon Company)

In the Pokemon Trading Card Game, there various strategies to employ toward a path to victory.

Within the confines of these cardboard pieces, some Pokemon employ these tactics consistently to rise to the top continually. Though many Pokemon have seen success within the Trading Card Game, some have continuously risen above the rest. When fans hear their name, they will instantly recall how dominant those Pokemon were.

There are those select few Pokemon that, throughout the years, have proven triumphant time and time again.

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Top five prosperous Pokemon in the Trading Card Game

#5 - Blastoise

Image via Pkmncards.com
Image via Pkmncards.com

Starting the list is Blastoise, a turtle with two cannons, and a determination to use those cannons to get to the top. Blastoise first appeared in the Base Set of Pokemon back in 1999 and was blessed with the Pokemon Power Rain Dance.

Through the years, Blastoise has alternated between an attacker and a support Pokemon. As the latter, Blastoise has proven to be the backbone to many successful decks over the years, defining metagames, and even taking a World Championship in 2015.

#4 - Garbodor

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Garbodor has had strange interactions in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. This busted trash bag first appeared on the scene in the Noble Victories set in 2011. At that time, Garbodor only lived up to what the Pokemon was: Garbage.

That changed when the Pokemon appeared in the sets EX: Dragons Exalted, EX: Breakpoint, and Guardians Rising. These additions gave Garbodor a reputation for eliminating a Pokemon’s ability (an in-game effect activated typically on a player’s turn) or utilizing an opponent’s discard pile to turn the tables on those players that played excessive item cards.

Garbodor would earn multiple top spots among Regional Championships, International Championships, and even World Championships.

#3 - Darkrai

Image via Pkmncards.com
Image via Pkmncards.com

Of course, a Legendary Pokemon had to make this list, and Darkrai craved the light of fame more so than any other Pokemon around. Though it first appeared in Generation IV, during the Diamond and Pearl saga of Pokemon Trading Card Game releases, the Pokemon would lay dormant for quite some time.

Then came Darkrai EX, a card that changed the way Pokemon players made their decks practically overnight. Instantly, since the release of the Pokemon Set EX: Dark Explorers, Darkrai began taking tournaments by storm (even two World Championships!).

To this day, Darkrai continues reigning terror on the Pokemon world with eternal darkness.

#2 - Zoroark

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

First released in the Pokemon Black and White set in 2011, Zoroark utilized trickery and foul play to interact with opponents. The Pokemon Company kept true to Zoroark’s nature of deceit, mimicry, and low-cost attack methods to win.

Since Zoroark’s inception, the Pokemon has continually seen success through the years, first taking a second-place spot at the US National Championships in 2011 (literally two months after being released!).

Zoroark’s true power would come years later, in the form of Zoroark GX. It would continue to be utilized for both aggressive and more tactical strategies to win games within the win conditions of the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

This happened to the point of taking a big win at the North American International Championships in 2018 (as well as being a part of 3 of the four decks to make the top four).

#1 - Gardevoir

Image via TrollandToad
Image via TrollandToad

Gardevoir has a rich history within the confines of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. This Pokemon has been printed on cards since 2003 and had an array of different abilities and attacks that would continue to prove effective.

Gardevoir first began dominating the Pokemon Trading Card Game with the release of Gardevoir ex. With the help of other cards, Gardevoir ex would take the first National Championship held in 2004.

From there, Gardevoir would lay dormant until the release of a Gardevoir in the DP: Secret Wonders set in 2007. Many players who played in this era will easily recall how Gardevoir determined the remainder of that Championship Season once released. Gardevoir dominated both the National Championship and World Championship that year.

This Pokemon has continued reigning supreme at different stages within the Trading Card Game, even recently, with a World Championship win in 2017 with Gardevoir GX.

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