5 things Battlefield 2042 must do to overtake Warzone

Battlefield 2042 is coming out later this year/ Image via EA
Battlefield 2042 is coming out later this year/ Image via EA

Battlefield 2042 has just dropped its reveal trailer, and things look promising for the upcoming FPS title. After what seems like a long gap, Battlefield is coming back into the mix with its unique take on multiplayer battles.

The words from the developers seem to suggest that they do not play to release Battle Royale mode in the game. However, even with the multiplayer experience, Battlefield 2042 will directly target an FPS-loving community that is heavily vested in Call of Duty games.

If the game is ultimately released this coming fall, it will be up against Call of Duty: Vanguard. Activision will push its new title to the fullest, and Battlefield will have to gain access into the same community with the new title if it intends to stay in the competition.

5 things the community will expect from Battlefield 2042

#1 - Free-to-play content

Warzone was an absolute winner for Activision and has over a 100 million player base, which is growing every day. Even though Battlefield 2042 is not going to offer Battle Royale, they have to introduce free-to-play content so that a large player base is attracted to it.

#2 - Secure anti-cheat system

One of the biggest flaws of the Call of Duty franchise is its lack of a working anti-cheat system. While Activision and Raven Software have manually banned over a million profiles, there are still hackers in most games. The community is usually frustrated with this, and Battlefield 2042 cannot afford the same mistake.

#3 - SBMM should not become an issue

While the devs have still not confirmed the matchmaking procedure, SBMM should not come in the way of the player's experience in the game. Call of Duty has failed miserably multiple times as SBMM made it difficult for players on a winning streak to continue as the game automatically matched them up with more skilled players, making every match a sweat fest.

Image via Microsoft
Image via Microsoft

#4 - Weapon variety

Gamers love options, and weapons are the best category to provide options to them. Warzone flourished because it integrated its already vast arsenal of weapons with the Black Ops Cold War arsenal, giving players a lot of weapons to choose from.

Weapon balance is another issue Battlefield 2042 should keep in mind and try not to overpower a single weapon to the extent that it goes out of hand.

#5 - Frequent updates and new content

One of the main reasons CoD still has a huge player base is because of its periodic content drop and a riveting storyline. Fortnite has done the same to stay alive in the competition, and most longtime players seem excited about these updates.

Battlefield 2042 has a lot of expectations to fulfill, and fans are currently waiting for the gameplay reveal to take place on June 13th

. Watch the reveal trailer below.

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