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8 Games Releasing in September 2019

Gautam Nath
162   //    31 Aug 2019, 18:00 IST

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August had a relatively smaller catalogue of games in 2019. There were a few hyped titles such as Control and Wreckfest released that month. But this September will definitely be a month to look forward to with all the new games coming out.

There were many titles announced before and on E3 2019 and other various game expos releasing in September. If you're a fan of sports games like the FIFA or NBA series, this is the month for you. There are still a few other non-sport titles coming out in September as well.

Here are 8 games releasing in September 2019.

#8. The Surge 2

Release Date: 24 September 2019

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Deck13 interactive returns with a sequel to their action role-playing game. Set in a dystopian world where humans have exhausted resources, technology has taken over human bodies in unprecedented levels.

The Surge 2 will feature an exoskeleton suit where you can upgrade your suit with different augmentations and different implants. The game features over 80 different kinds of weapons and many more augmentations which affect your agility, strength and other aspects of your suit to aid you in combat.

You also have a trusty combat drone which fights besides you in battle and can be upgraded as well.


#7. Tropico 6

Release Date: 27 September 2019

Available on: PS4, Xbox One

Tropico 6 already released for the PC in March earlier in 2019. This September, we will be getting a console release for the game. Tropico 6 is just like it's predecessors where you have to build and manage a nation.

The Tropico series is perhaps the best "politician simulator" where you can expand your island country or for your own corrupt purposes. But this time, you have a full archipelago to control and the citizens will be smart enough to know your actions and stage revolts if necessary.

Take on the role of "El Presidente" and take charge of the Tropico nation!

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