A Dead Space 3 remake would need a lot more than pretty visuals

What will take to make Dead Space 3 good? (Image via EA)
What will it take to make Dead Space 3 good? (Image via EA)

The original Dead Space 1 and 2 were peak specimens of sci-fi horror done right. DS 3 was also a great example, not sci-fi horror but of the video game industry's greed. While the first two rested upon excellent world-building and gameplay that made the players feel dread and lonely, DS 3 threw all of it out for a run-of-the-mill online action co-op.

To honor the franchise's legacy, a remake of DS 1 was released a few years ago, and it is considered one of the best remakes ever made. Continuing the momentum, many discussed a potential Dead Space 2 remake and how it could improve the original. But very few have any expectations or hopes for a Dead Space 3 remake; below we have discussed the reasons why.

Dead Space 3 remake will need more than better graphics

Why was Dead Space 3 hated? (Image via EA)
Why was Dead Space 3 hated? (Image via EA)

While for DS 1 and DS 2, giving the graphics a modern re-haul could have been enough to make success in the market, things aren’t so simple for the third game at all. Dead Space 3 decided to do a complete 180 flip from the original two games and focus on aspects that weren’t present in the franchise before.

For DS 3, the developers decided to focus more on action than the main identity of the game, horror. Not only that, this installment tossed away the single-player gameplay and somewhat “forced” fans to play in co-op. Obviously, none of these decisions translated well to the audiences and resulted in a devastating failure.

Utilizing online co-op in a horror game is nothing new, but instead of making a spinoff like Resident Evil, Dead Space 3 made the mistake of implementing all these new changes to the mainline series of games. This only helped sully the name of EA further and helped it reach the reputation of the “insatiate” company that it has today.

It will take a lot of effort to make a good Dead Space 3 remake (Image via EA)
It will take a lot of effort to make a good Dead Space 3 remake (Image via EA)

There were also many other issues present, such as micro-transactions, lack of weapon variety, repetitive gaming loops, and more. Because of all these reasons, if the developers ever decide to make a remake of Dead Space 3, they will need to put a of emphasis on ironing out these wrinkles.

Other than upgrading the visuals, they will need to make sure the third game also feels like a DS title with their signature horror mixed with action gameplay. If they still want to pursue the co-op system, they should take inspiration from games like GTFO and Phasmophobia to incorporate mechanics without compromising on the immersion.

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