5 things we would like to see from a Dead Space 2 remake

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Fans were impressed with the Dead Space remake (Image via EA)

2023 was the perfect nightmare for horror enthusiasts as we saw the release of Dead Space Remake, which the fans received very positively. Players appreciated this remake for bringing back the horror from the original with updated graphics and a more modern control scheme. The game felt brand new because of its expanded story and lore and new sound design, which made every hallway feel creepier than in the original.

It's been more than a year since the remake came out and the fans are willing to see the second part get remade as well. There were rumors of a Dead Space 2 remake being developed, but it was scrapped in the early stages since the first one did not meet their sales expectations. While EA claimed that there is no validity to this rumor, we still might have a chance at getting that remake the fans are so desperately waiting for.

Here are five things we would like to see in the Dead Space 2 remake if the project does come to fruition.

Note: This list is subjective, reflects the author's opinions, and is not in any particular order.

These 5 things should be in the Dead Space 2 remake

1) Next-level Necromorphs

Necromorphs can be even more terrifying (Image via EA)
Necromorphs can be even more terrifying (Image via EA)

In the Dead Space 2 remake, it would be horrifying to see Necromorphs having even more detailed dismemberment effects and grotesque mutations to send chills down the player's spine. Every encounter will feel even more terrifying compared to the first game, as these evolved versions of Necromorphs will pose a more challenging threat to the player.

The first remake did a great job with the Necromorphs having twitching veins and pulsating organs. These effects can be cranked up even more in the second game's remake to give the player nightmares during every playthrough.

2) Expanding the lore

Expanding the lore even further can add more depth to the game (Image via EA)
Expanding the lore even further can add more depth to the game (Image via EA)

The first game expanded the story really well by adding audio logs and environmental details that told a story within the story. The next remake can dive deeper into this idea by expanding the lore of the original using new data entries and holographic messages. These features can help expand on the lore and connect the game by referencing events from the previous title.

Adding references to the first game and some information hinting at the next can connect these games well, making it an almost perfect trilogy. Some entries can even reveal Isaac's psychological state or provide information about the Unitology cult's influence on the Sprawl station. The possibilities are endless when it comes to expanding the lore of the second remake!

3) Enhanced Zero-G Environments

Issac traversing using his boosters (Image via EA)
Issac traversing using his boosters (Image via EA)

Dead Space 2 remake featured zero gravity sections where you could fight Necromorphs. While the older system handled it the best possible way, the current generation can take this even further. The next remake can push the boundaries by letting Issac perform more acrobatic maneuvers in zero gravity as he fights his way through the Necromorphs.

Giving Necromorphs a combat system that can adapt to zero gravity will make things even more terrifying for the player as the threat will increase when you traverse from one place to another. The first remake already has the zero gravity system, meaning there needs to be small additions to make it even better for the sequel.

4) The Tormentor as a Boss Fight

The Tormentor sequence is still loved to this day (Image via EA)
The Tormentor sequence is still loved to this day (Image via EA)

The original Dead Space 2 had plenty of chase sequences where you were trying to avoid The Tormentor. While those sections were an awesome experience, a lot more can be done with it. Instead of these chase sequences, The Tormentor can be a boss fight with multiple stages that evolve after every encounter. This change can be a fresh addition to the next remake.

Imagine the Willaim Burkin boss fight from the Resident Evil 2 remake. Every encounter with him was different because each time you faced him, he had a different form and new attacks. This can also apply to The Tormentor, which will not only be a fresh change but also keep each encounter with him different from the previous one.

5) Hint for Dead Space 3 Remake

Hints for a Dead Space 3 remake (Image via EA)
Hints for a Dead Space 3 remake (Image via EA)

The third Dead Space game wasn't received as well as the first two. The second game was a masterclass at survival horror and it was hard for the third title to outperform its predecessor. At the end of the Dead Space 2 remake, maybe we can get a hint or a glimpse of Dead Space 3 to complete the remake trilogy.

Not only will this bring more fans to check out the second game's remake but it will also give EA a chance to fix what went wrong with the third game in the series.

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