A look back at Entity Gaming's impressive run in PMCO Global Finals

Entity Gaming finishes 5th at PMCO Global Finals
Entity Gaming finishes 5th at PMCO Global Finals
Modified 03 Dec 2019

Indonesian team Bigetron RA has won the PMCO Fall Split, defeating 15 other teams in the Global Finals to take home more than $205,000 in prize money. Bigetron put up a dominating display on the international stage, and the team was clearly a cut above their opponents in every aspect of the game. SouL and Entity Gaming represented India in the Global Finals, and while SouL had a subpar tournament, Entity Gaming had a respectable 5th place finish.

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Entity Gaming came all guns blazing to the PMCO Fall Split Global. Through several interviews and past performances, it was clear that the Indian team will approach the Global Finals with an aggressive mindset. Their aggressive play style and "never back down" approach got them the 1st place in the Regional Finals, and there was no reason to change that.

Entity Gaming performed exceptionally throughout Day 1, and as a result, they held the 3rd position in the overall standings. They finished 2nd as the team barely missed out on the Chicken Dinner on both occasions. The team impressed a lot of analysts and ended the day with 24 kill points, 32 placement points, and 56 total points. Entity Gaming was at the 3rd position at the end of Day 1, but their performance dipped on Day 2, and they slipped to the 5th position. There were multiple instances when the team played too aggressively, which resulted in their deaths.

Day 3 started on a similar note as Day 2 with Entity Gaming playing inconsistently. However, the team picked up the pace towards the end of Day 3 as they racked up a good number of kills in games 13, 15, and 16. This was enough for the Indian representatives to secure the 5th spot in the overall standings at the end of the tournament.

Entity Gaming's valiant performance in the PMCO Global Finals has put some new life in the Indian PUBG scene. This was a major improvement from PMCO Spring Split, where SouL was the highest placed Indian team, and they finished in 12th position.

One thing is clear - the Indian PUBG scene is rising, and in the future, we might see a global champion from India.

Entity Gaming's player stats:


kills: 28

Damage: 6240

Headshots: 5


Kills: 10

Damage: 2071

Headshots: 4


Kills: 21

Damage: 4370

Headshots: 2


Kills: 8

Damage: 2983

Headshots: 3

Published 03 Dec 2019
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