A Skull Face just appeared at "The Grotto".

Credit: u/duskyxlops, PlayStationGrenade
Credit: u/duskyxlops, PlayStationGrenade

During the beginning of Fortnite Season 2, Chapter 2 it was subtly hinted that the actions of the majority community in Fortnite will alter the island, whether that’s for better or not it’s up to the community to decide.

The first major map change is now visible at “The Grotto” There is a skull face on the mountainside that faces the ocean at the location. The faction which was up until this point was considered “neutral” is now clearly a Shadow faction based on the carving that can have been spotted.

There wasn't an organized voting event to conclude which faction will the location belong to. After a little research about the storyline and an educated guess all hints point towards this being a community choice. People who unlocked the Brutus style chose "Shadow" faction more than "Ghost".

There is a strong chance that other POI's that are currently neutral will also change in a similar fashion. TNTina's POI will come next since her challenges unlock this Thursday along with her agent room. Her hangout location "The Rig" will also reflect changes depending on which skin is chosen more.

However, once you choose a style it is not possible to go back. Choose wisely!

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