“There’s absolutely nothing there”: Mizkif reacts to accidentally leaking his Twitter DMs while streaming on Twitch

Mizkif accidentally leaks his private DMs on Twitch (Image via YouTube/Mizkif)
Mizkif accidentally leaks his private DMs on Twitch (Image via YouTube/Mizkif)
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Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo's slip-up during a Twitch live stream is making rounds in the streaming community as it revealed some pretty personal information.

The 26-year-old streamer accidentally leaked private messages from his Twitter account while attempting to showcase a text that he received. The mistake resulted in his entire viewership teasing him about a possible relationship he may have.

Mizkif leaks DMs with iDubbbz, Shroud, quqco, and others

On November 2, 2021, Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo held a Just Chatting stream with Jonathan "Jschlatt" Schlatt, a fellow member of OTK.

Sometime during the stream, Mizkif was explaining to Schlatt how he accidentally followed a fan on Twitter who now messages him every single day without fail. The fan even texted Rinaudo with advice regarding car sickness problems that the latter had said he was experiencing.

While clicking through the private message in the now-deleted stream, he accidentally backed out, showing viewers the front page of his Twitter DMs.

Picture of Mizkif's DMs as screen-capped by a viewer
Picture of Mizkif's DMs as screen-capped by a viewer

Mizkif immediately screamed after he realized what he had done, changing stream windows and face-palming himself. He followed up, saying:

"Alright, fortunately, there's absolutely nothing there that can leak. I am okay."

Schlatt, however, didn't miss the opportunity to pull Mizkif's leg. He stated that he saw the latter talking to the streamer "quqco," whose real name is unknown. Mizkif asked him to "shut up", saying:

"You're being - like, do you really have to do this? Are you f***ing serious? Shut the hell up."

Schlatt, fully enjoying the sight of a stuttering and embarrassed Mizkif, showed no mercy as he continued to play with him:

"You said to her 'Let's make good memories?'"

Rinaudo jumped from his chair, continuously denying what Schlatt was implying. Calming down, the streamer elaborated that he wasn't the one who wrote that but it was the woman who said that to him. Schlatt, satisfied with what he had done, left the room.

Mizkif did not end up clarifying why quqco wrote what she did, leading to many believing that they were in some sort of relationship together.

Playing along with the confusion, quqco later tweeted out the same message that she had sent Mizkif.

Let’s just make good memories 🥰

Recently, Mizkif has been appearing at the top of the Livestream Fail subreddit owing to his various live stream shenanigans. Last month, Emily "Emiru" leaked Mizkif's Reddit upvotes, showing that he only upvoted those posts that mentioned his name.

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